How does it work?

Becoming an environmental leader and achieving continuous improvement through EMAS is easy, thanks to ten steps and four key principles: Plan-Do-Check-Act!

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Step 8: Get your EMS verified and your environmental report validated.

If you have completed the previous seven steps your organisation has already developed a functioning environmental management system. The next steps will guide your organisation through the verification, validation and registration process to officially become EMAS registered.

The verification of your EMS is carried out by an independent environmental verifier, who is accredited or licensed by an EMAS Accreditation / Licensing Body of a Member State. You can easily obtain information on accredited environmental verifiers by contacting your Competent Body.

The environmental verifier will examine and verify your organisation’s conformity to the EMAS Regulation in terms of your environmental review, environmental policy, compliance to environmental regulations, as well as the environmental management system and internal audit. This verification is carried out by the environmental verifier examining documents, visiting the organisation and interviewing personnel.

The environmental verifier shall also validate the content of your environmental report.