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Becoming an environmental leader and achieving continuous improvement through EMAS is easy, thanks to ten steps and four key principles: Plan-Do-Check-Act!

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Step 7: Prepare your environmental report.

The environmental report (environmental statement) is your window to the world; as such it should be a clear and concise document that effectively communicates your environmental performance to stakeholders. This environmental report outlines your organisation's achievements in terms of its environmental objectives, detailing both past environmental actions and measures, as well as setting future environmental targets. The report also describes how your organisation has taken into consideration the best practices for environmental management and the indicators, which are listed in the Sectoral Reference Documents relevant to your organisation. (NB: this applies only if the relevant Sectoral Reference Documents have been published and indeed if such best practices for environmental management and indicators are applicable to the significant aspects of your organisation).

Note: The tool 4 – Environmental data, available on the EMAS Implementation tools webpage, was designed to facilitate the preparation of environmental reports for organisations.