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Becoming an environmental leader and achieving continuous improvement through EMAS is easy, thanks to ten steps and four key principles: Plan-Do-Check-Act!

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Step 10: Use EMAS to show your environmental commitment to your customers and suppliers, as well as towards authorities.

Welcome to EMAS!

Your organisation can now use the EMAS logo to promote its registration and show its environmental commitment. The EMAS logo is an attractive visual communication and marketing tool designed to highlight an organisation’s dedication to continually improving its environmental performance. The logo can be obtained from the logo generator. To find out more about the use of the logo, please refer to the guidelines on the logo's use.

After your EMAS registration your Environmental Statement will be publicly available on the EU EMAS register. Your validated environmental report is a great tool to show your customers and suppliers the full extent of your environmental achievements and environmental improvement. Therefore, you should make it visible on your organisation’s website. Also, you can market your activities by selecting highlights from your validated environmental report

You are also encouraged to assess suppliers in terms of EMAS requirements, as well as to give preference to suppliers that are also registered under EMAS.
You are now officially part of the EMAS community. Congratulations!

However, improving your environmental performance significantly is a trial and error process requiring time and commitment. Here are a few reminders:

  • You should implement your environmental action plan and continuously monitor results, this requires constantly readapting to overcome non-compliance and to achieve better performance.
  • Your environmental report should be published and updated annually, in order to contain the most current information. This report will be validated by the environmental verifier, who will also verify the performance of the environmental management system.
  • Your registration is valid for three years. After this time elapses, you will need to apply for a renew registration.

If you are an SME, you can benefit from special advantages geared towards SMEs. For more information, please consult the SME section.

For detailed information on how to register with EMAS, please refer to:

EMAS User’s Guide

Do you still have questions? You can contact the European EMAS Helpdesk.