EMAS Clubs

EMAS Clubs are private non-profit associations on a regional level, composed of EMAS registered organisations and other EMAS stakeholders connected through a common interest for environmental best practices. An EMAS Club is a voluntary bottom-up initiative that allows its members to enjoy numerous advantages.

Main objectives of EMAS Clubs

EMAS Clubs assist organisations who are already EMAS registered or who wish to join EMAS. The EMAS Clubs reach this objective by:

  • Promoting EMAS to organisations and the general public
  • Representing registered organisations and their interests towards governments and public authorities
  • Providing a space for networking and shared experiences on environmental best practices


Joining an EMAS Club in your region will allow you to:

  • Access exclusive networking opportunities and sources of information
  • Exchange and create synergies with other members of the Club
  • Participate in EMAS related events such as conferences, workshops or expositions
  • Benefit from the Club’s expertise and information material on EMAS related topics

Founding an EMAS Club

EMAS Clubs are private initiatives; there is no standard procedure for the founding of a new club.  However, the following are points which might be worth considering when establishing a new EMAS Club in your region. Feel encouraged to contact the existing EMAS Clubs to seek first-hand advice.

Create a core group: A first step on the way to a new EMAS Club should be to find organisations willing to support the project. In the beginning, a small number of interested organisations is sufficient.

Contact public authorities: Obtaining the support of the responsible public authorities is an important step when establishing a new EMAS Club. The respective EMAS Competent Body should be involved at an early stage.

Establish funding for the Club: EMAS Clubs have different financing schemes. Ideally a club should find a good balance between public funding and its own private sources of income. Competent Bodies may be able to give the Club some financial support; however, the Club will need other ways of funding itself, for example through membership fees, by answering calls for tenders or by charging entry to non-members during events.

Showcase – EMAS Club Catalonia

As a bottom-up multi-sector association, Club EMAS Catalonia views itself as bridge between EMAS registered organisations and public administrations. The Club helps the two groups to better understand each other and identify common actions to be developed together.

Founded in 2006, it has been promoting EMAS based on a business-to-business approach with entrepreneurs sharing their EMAS success stories in the group. While collaborating with public authorities, Club EMAS acts as a lobby initiative to support its members by passing on feedback in order to improve regulations.

EMAS Clubs