EMAS Implementation Tools

EMAS leads to improvements in management processes and environmental performance for all types of organisations. To help make the process of implementing EMAS even easier, especially for small and medium organisations, the EMAS Helpdesk has designed four pilot tools to assist with introducing EMAS. The tools come with an instruction manual that will walk you through using the tools and give other helpful hints for EMAS implementation.

Please note that the tools do not cover a complete implementation of EMAS, but are designed to help with the implementation process. To see how the tools fit into the EMAS process, check out the “How does it work?” section of our website and the instruction manual for the tools.

You can download the tools and their instruction manual here:
Instruction manual

Please save the files in the same place on your computer so that the automatic links between the tools will work. If you have any questions, please contact the EMAS Helpdesk.

Some regional governments and organisations have developed their own EMAS implementation tools. For example, the city of Barcelona and the EMAS Club Catalonia and the Bavarian Environment Ministry in Germany have each developed a tool set. Contact your Competent Body to find out if there are tools available in your language!

Information about the EMAS tools:

Organisational information tool:

This tool helps you gather the most important information about your organisation in one place, so you can use the information for reference in the other tools. Most information added in this tool will automatically appear in the other tools.

Environmental aspects tool:

This tool helps you to identify your organisation’s environmental aspects and impacts and determine which aspects are the most relevant for your organisation.

Environmental responsibilities tool:

The environmental responsibilities tool helps you to determine the people in your organisation who are important for different aspects of the EMS.

Data collection tool:

The data tool guides you through the process of collecting the environmental data important for your EMS. It also converts most units automatically to form the indicators for your environmental statement!

Any feedback or suggestion on the tools? please contact the EMAS Helpdesk.