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EMAS User’s Guide

The EMAS User’s Guide, developed in 2013, is a user-oriented tool which translates the EMAS Regulation into practical steps. The Guide provides clear and concrete advice for organisations interested in EMAS to facilitate and encourage their registration and make participation in EMAS as simple as possible.

The EMAS User’s Guide contains:

  • A practical implementation guide
  • A description of EMAS Costs and Benefits
  • A timeline for the implementation of EMAS
  • Advice on how to move from non-formal environmental management systems to EMAS
  • Advice for SMEs and information on EMAS Easy
  • Advice on how to use the EMAS Logo

You can find the complete EMAS User’s Guide here: EMAS User’s Guide.

EMAS Global Guide

For detailed information on EMAS Global, the European Commission has published an official EMAS Global guide (legislative text) which you can find here.

Further guidance

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If you are looking for further information on the implementation of EMAS you may find the “Join EMAS” section and our Frequently Asked Questions' helpful.