Transparency through reporting

As the only environmental management tool  requiring publication of an annual, independently validated environmental statement with detailed core indicators, EMAS provides registered organisations with a high degree of transparency.

EMAS registered organisations can use their environmental statements  and the official EMAS logo  to give their clients and customers a clear signal of their commitment to environmental performance,  backed up by real data.  

These efforts are recognised not only by customers, but also by regulators in the Member States. Several national and local regulators accept the EMAS registration and environmental statement as proof of an organisation's legal compliance or to fulfil other reporting requirements.  This recognition can lead to many benefits  for EMAS registered organisations, including fewer inspections  and less administrative work. Examples:

For existing measures in your country, do not hesitate to contact your national Competent Body .

France's Grenelle II CSR reporting requirement - Section 225 states that EMAS registered organisations do not have to submit environmental information in their CSR report, as the EMAS environmental statement serves as a substitute.

Germany’s Waste Management and Product Recycling Act allows EMAS registered waste disposal organisations to follow “privileged rules” that eliminate waiting periods and other requirements  as long as the organisation’s environmental statement contains detailed information on waste.

Germany's 2015 Federal Act on Energy Services introduced a new obligation for large companies to conduct an energy audit meeting the specifications of DIN EN 16247-1 every four years. The new rule affects all organisations in the manufacturing  and service sectors  with more than 250 employees and more than € 50 million annual turnover. EMAS registered organisations now automatically meet the requirements of the energy audit and must only prove their EMAS registration status.  An ISO 14001 certification, which does not contain a guarantee of legal compliance or a mandatory environmental statement, is not sufficient.

In 2012, the Italian region of Lombardy reduced inspection fees by 30 %  for EMAS registered organisations, based largely on their transparency and independently verified legal compliance. Organisations with only ISO 14001 received a 20% discount.

In Sweden, public authorities must report their work with their environmental management system and the associated direct and indirect impacts to the Swedish government  and to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency on a yearly basis. EMAS's reporting requirements make it easy  for the public authorities there and in other countries with reporting requirements to produce the necessary data.