EMAS Amendment 2017/18

A reference document for organisations to guide them through the changes to the EMAS Regulation has been released by the European Commission.

In the course of the planned revision of the EMAS Regulation and the amendment of ISO 14001:2015, the European Commission has revised Annexes I-IV of the EMAS Regulation and the EMAS User's Guide. The aim of the revision was to ensure the continued compatibility of EMAS with an environmental management system according to ISO 14001. The review also improved the user-friendliness of EMAS. This brochure summarises the amendments made to the EMAS Regulation with Regulations (EU) 2017/1505 of 28.08.2017 (concerns Annexes I to III of the EMAS Regulation) and (EU) 2018/2026 of 19.12.2018 (concerns Annex IV of the EMAS Regulation) in a clear and concise manner and is thus a great support for organisations in navigating these changes.