EMAS's achievements in the third quarter of 2021

Every three months, the European Commission looks back on progress made in promoting EMAS and environmental management

EMAS has been featured in a magazine

A guiding article to the recently published case study "EMAS and the tourism sector" has been featured in the Sustain Europe magazine. Sustain Europe is a website and magazine dedicated to the vision of a sustainable and prosperous Europe. It uses its platform to promote responsible solutions to climate protection in Europe, covering all sustainability-related topics, including sustainable travel. The inclusion of the case study in this magazine will draw more attention to how EMAS can promote businesses in the tourism sector.

You can read the article here.

EMAS Anniversary Toolkit

EMAS celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. In honouring the long-standing commitment and environmental achievements of EMAS registered organisations, the European Commission has launched a Social Media Anniversary Toolkit . The Toolkit consist of a Manual, Headers, Logos, Banners and ideas for good postings that can be used together with specific hashtags to celebrate an EMAS anniversary on various social media platforms.

New case studies online

The European Commission published two new case studies, "EMAS and the education sector" and "EMAS and the food and beverage sector". The case studies acknowledge the achievements of EMAS registered organisations operating in the education and food and beverage sector that have implemented EMAS to contribute to a sustainable transition in their sectors. Through these examples, the case study can provide interesting insights on how operating an environmental management system can have a positive impact on their environmental performances.

All publications and studies conducted on EMAS can be found here.

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