EMAS’s achievements in the past months of 2020

The European Commission looks back on progress made in promoting EMAS and environmental management

25 years EMAS Conference

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of EMAS, the conference “Between Economic Recovery and the European Green Deal – Pathways for Corporate Sustainability Management”, organised by the German Federal Environment Ministry took place on 29 September 2020.

European policy makers as well company representatives, members of the science community and civil society representatives discussed on four panels strategies and practical ideas on how businesses can embrace sustainability matters such as climate mitigation and the protection of human rights in their entire value chain. More than 230 participants from all over Europe followed the conference online. Read more here.

New case studies online

The Helpdesk published four new case studies. The case study "Writing and disseminating the environmental statement" shows best practices from organisations in terms of content, presentation and dissemination of the environmental statement and gives recommendations. The second case study on "Involving public bodies and cooperating institutions in the promotion of EMAS" presents best practices from Competent Bodies in the Member States to promote EMAS with the help of public bodies and other institutions. The third case study summarizes the current developments in the European Union regarding sustainable finance and highlights the relevance of sustainable management and the potential role of EMAS. You can download it here: "EMAS' role in the transition to sustainable finance". The fourth case study "EMAS and the tourism sector" represents four organisations from the tourism sector reporting about their experiences with EMAS. Based on this, an overview of the benefits EMAS has to offer for the tourism sector is given.

Find all publications and studies that have been carried out on EMAS here.

New statistics on EMAS registrations available

In September, the EU Register counted 191 registered organisations more than in April 2020. Congratulations to the new members in the network! As of September 2020, the EMAS network counted 3.838 organisations and 12.751 sites in total.

Please find out more about the new EMAS statistics here.