New EMAS register online

The new EMAS register has been deployed. Please find the link to the new EMAS register here.

While being under transition, the EMAS register was improved. New features now make it easier to search for information on EMAS registered organisations. These are the highlights of the new EMAS register:

Highlights of the new EMAS register

  • Modern and functional design
  • Logical structure which is easy to use
  • Many search and filter options
  • New graphs
  • Download option to Excel
  • Compatible with almost all browsers (without Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge)

  • The EMAS register is an online database hosted by the European Commission, which lists all EMAS registered organisations and sites. The Competent Bodies and Accreditation or Licensing Bodies of each Member State update the register regularly. The accuracy of the data provided in the register is dependent on the information submitted by them.

    Anybody can search the EMAS register. You can use different filters to search for EMAS registrations in specific countries and differentiate among economic activities (NACE codes). Find more information on the EMAS register here.

    Please notice that the new EMAS register does not work with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. You can use almost all other browsers (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox).

    For further questions or remarks, please contact the EMAS Helpdesk.

    The new EMAS register