The nominees of the 2019 edition of the EMAS Awards are… (Part 1/5)

In the category Private Mirco and Small Organisations, 4 organisations will compete

The 2019 edition of the EMAS Awards will reward the achievements of EMAS registered organisations that implemented EMAS as a driver of change towards sustainable transition through a long-term holistic vision for a positive impact on sustainable development as a whole.

Member States had until July 15 to review applications and nominate EMAS organisations in 5 categories: private micro and small, private medium-sized organisations, private large organisations, public micro and small organisations and public large organisations.

In this series of articles, the EMAS Helpdesk will introduce the winners of the national preselection who are the nominees of the 2019 article.

This first article will start with the category private micro and small organisations. This year, we have four nominees from Austria, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

news100_11. Austria: BERNHARD AV GmbH is a role model for sustainable event management. Among other initiatives, the company has significantly improved its waste management, e.g. by leaving no waste at their customer’s premises. Also, the use of e-vehicles such as electric cargo bikes and electric transporters further reduces the environmental impact of BERNHARD AV.

news100_12. Belgium: SCHMITZ Digital Printing sprl’s full commitment to sustainable transition is incorporated into the organisation’s strategy and guidelines in an impressive way – resulting in innovative initiatives such as offering the return of short-term products by customers to facilitate reuse or recycling.

news100_13. Germany: Glöckner Natursteine is a pioneering company in terms of sustainable craftsmanship. The stonemasonry firm’s involvement of employees, competitors and stakeholder is outstanding. Besides annual EMAS trainings for employees, Glöckner Natursteine is the co-founder of the craftsmanship association “Handwerk mit Verantwortung e.V.” (craft with responsibility).

news100_14. Spain: AGROAMB PRODALT, S.L. proves how even small businesses can assume global responsibility. The organisation is a long-standing EMAS member and also part of the Spanish UN Global Compact Network, showing how EMAS can be a useful tool towards sustainable development.

Illustrating EMAS as driver of change in various sectors, the nominees of the 2019 edition prove that a wide range of actions can be taken to support a sustainable transition. Their initiatives have been reviewed by a jury composed of EMAS experts.

To know the name of the winner in the category Private micro and small organisations, we will have to wait till November 25, where the Awards Ceremony will take place in Bilbao. To know more about the event, please consult the EMAS Awards section. We wish the nominees the best of luck!