EMAS High Level Conference

20 years of premium environmental management

High Level Conference on EMAS

Frankfurt, 13 November 2015

The European Commission held a High-Level Conference on EMAS in Frankfurt/Main on 13 November 2015. This conference was hosted in the brand-new sustainable building of the European Central Bank. It celebrated 20 years of premium environmental management: learning from front runners, promoting best practices and exploiting the full potential of green growth.

Following the conference, this page brings together all relevant learnings and the material generated. Below you can find all speeches, presentations, as well as pictures and recordings of the event.

We are happy to announce that the official conference proceedings “Key learnings from the EMAS High Level Conference – The role of EMAS in a circular economy context” have now been published. For a summary of the day's discussions, you can access the conference proceedings here.

We invite you to make use of this information to further boost environmental performance and EMAS implementation within your area of influence, and to inspire your networks.

About the Conference

The event acknowledged the work of those who joined EMAS as front-runners in their respective countries. Environmental managers highlighted their achievements, demonstrated which benefits can be enjoyed by using the scheme and shared good practice approaches to premium environmental management. At the same time, the event served as a forum to exchange views with EMAS practitioners and international experts on potential paths for EMAS in a circular economy context.

This conference targeted EMAS registered organisations and those interested in being registered, as well as select EU stakeholders beyond the scheme. The day was divided into a morning session with key-note speeches by high level speakers and three parallel afternoon panel sessions:

  • Session 1: Environmental management in a circular economy – demonstrated opportunities, benefits and challenges for the private sector
  • Session 2: EMAS as an instrument for making cities, municipalities and offices »greener« and »smarter«
  • Session 3: The crucial role of public bodies in promoting advanced environmental management, hand in hand with the private sector

The European Central Bank has been EMAS registered since 2010 in line with their long-term commitment to continuously improve their environmental performance. Therefore, the ECB was delighted to host this premium event at its newly built premises, which showcases a concept that reconciles the principles of sustainability and optimal efficiency, taking into account economic, ecological and social aspects that had to be weighed against future operating costs, maintenance costs and energy consumption.

Programme and Speakers

The full event brochure is available here.

Key-note Speeches


Session 1
Session 2
Session 3


Conference Pictures here.