European Commission

In this section you can find the contact details of the European Commission, the EMAS Helpdesk and the EMAS Clubs, as well as the contact information of the Competent Bodies, the Ministerial Representatives and the Accreditation and Licensing Bodies per country. Please note that these institutions have different competencies. Please direct your questions concerning…

… the registration process of EMAS to the Competent Body in your country

… EMAS policy to the Ministerial Representatives in your country

… environmental verifiers to the Accreditation and Licensing Body in your country.

To get in touch with the policy officer in charge of EMAS at the European Commission (for questions regarding the regulation), please contact the EMAS Helpdesk:

EMAS Helpdesk
c/o adelphi consult GmbH
Alt-Moabit 91
10559 Berlin – Germany
E-mail: emashelpdesk@adelphi.de

The European Commission is also EMAS registered. If you would like to get in touch with the team dealing with the Environmental Management System of the European Commission premises, please contact:

Mr Celso Sanchez Martinez – EMAS Management Representative
Mr Michael Rourke – EMAS Officer
Mrs Sofia Gregou – EMAS Communication, Training and Documentation

European Commission - DG HR: Human Resources and Security
Unit D.2: Working Environment & Security
Rue Montoyer 34, MO34 01/78, B-1049 Brussels/Belgium
E-mail: EC-EMAS@ec.europa.eu

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre is in charge of the preparation and publication of the Sectoral Reference Documents (SRDs). For questions related to the content of the SRDs, the TakeAGreenStep website, or to suggest new Best Environmental Management Practices or express interest in joining one of the sectoral technical working groups, please contact:

Mr Paolo Canfora
Mr Pierre Gaudillat
Mr Marco Dri
Mr Ioannis Antonopoulos

European Commission – Joint Research Centre - Industrial Leadership and Circular Economy Unit
Edificio EXPO, Calle Inca Garcilaso 3, 41092 Seville, Spain
E-mail: JRC-EMAS-SRD@ec.europa.eu