EMAS Clubs

In this section you can find the contact details of the European Commission, the EMAS Helpdesk and the EMAS Clubs, as well as the contact information of the Competent Bodies, the Ministerial Representatives and the Accreditation and Licensing Bodies per country. Please note that these institutions have different competencies. Please direct your questions concerning…

… the registration process of EMAS to the Competent Body in your country

… EMAS policy to the Ministerial Representatives in your country

… environmental verifiers to the Accreditation and Licensing Body in your country.

Country Contact details
EMAS Club Europe

VNU office c/o Am Hangelstein 8 65812 Bad Soden Germany Christina Geiger Tel.: +49 (700) 868 11 22 3 Fax: +49 (700) 868 11 22 4
E-Mail: vnu@vnu-ev.de

Annette LeBaron
Telefon: +49 (700) 868 11 22 5
E-Mail: A.LeBaron@vnu-ev.de
Website: vnu-ev.de

EMAS Club Catalunya

Club EMAS Associació d'organitzacions registrades EMAS a Catalunya
Aragó, 208-210
Àtic 1ª,
08011 de Barcelona

Tel.: +34-93 3188058
E-Mail: info@clubemas.ca
Website: clubemas.cat

EMAS Club Murcia

Club EMAS Región de Murcia
Plaza Héroes de Cavite
30005 Murcia

Tel.: +34 699907727
E-Mail: clubemas@clubemas-rm.org
Website: clubemas-rm.org

EMAS Club Friuli Venezia Giulia

EMAS Club Friuli Venezia Giulia
Via Nicolò Lionello, 1
33100 Udine UD

Tel.: +39 3355343676
E-Mail: presidenza@emasclubfvg.it

Tel.: +39 3498827223
E-Mail: segreteria@emasclubfvg.it
Website: emasclubfvg.it

EMAS Club Regione Emilia-Romagna

EMAS Club Regione Emilia-Romagna

E-Mail: certificazioniambientali@Regione.Emilia-Romagna.it
Website: emasclub.it

Club EMAS Puglia

Club EMAS ed Ecolabel Puglia c/o Istituto R. Gorjux-N. Tridente Via
Raffaele Bovio, 1
70125 Bari

Tel.: +39 335/7184732
E-Mail: fo@clubemaspuglia.it
Website: clubemaspuglia.it

Club EMAS Wallonie

E-Mail: clubemas.wallonie@gmail.com
Website: environnement.wallonie.be/emas/club-emas.html