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Workshop on the application and effectiveness of the SEA Directive (Directive 2001/42/EC)

18 May 2016, Brussels
Charlemagne, Room MANS

The objective of this workshop is to foster thinking and discussion on key issues behind conducing robust and compliant SEAs in EU Member States. The speakers shall examine the implementation of the SEA Directive (Directive 2001/42/EC) in EU Member States and draw out implications for its implementation across the EU as a whole. The interventions shall focus on various sectors to which the SEA applies (i.e. land use planning, energy, transport, water, etc.). In addition, this workshop will mark fifteen years since the adoption of the SEA Directive.

Speakers will address main issues confronting successful SEA process, in particular: scoping, consideration of alternatives, baseline, and assessment of effects, mainly cumulative effects. Furthermore, integration of the SEA in the plan making process is a challenge for implementing the SEA Directive, yet it is vital to ensure compliance with its objectives as well as integration of the environmental objectives in the overall strategic planning. Last but not the least, the speakers will examine to what extent the SEA Directive is coherent with other parts of EU environmental law and policy, including environmental impact assessment and appropriate assessment.

The outcomes of this workshop will facilitate the preparation of the second Commission report on the application and effectiveness of the SEA Directive to the European Parliament and to the Council, due by the end of 2016.

The registration to the event is closed.