Urban, noise and health

Urban, noise and health

Four out of five Europeans now live in towns and cities. Most of the environmental challenges facing our society originate in urban areas, so this is where many efforts are concentrated to address issues like health and noise.


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The European Green Capital Award scheme will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020. In December 2018, at the United Nations climate change conference (COP 24) in Katowice, Poland, all 11 past and future Green Capitals were among 22 cities that presented a pioneering Call for Action to...


The Netherlands’ oldest city, Nijmegen, is this year’s European Green Capital, with “a passionate, clear and persuasive vision”, according to the judges of this prestigious...


Europe’s air quality has improved, but more progress is needed to reduce ammonia emissions, 95 % of which are caused by agriculture. To meet the targets set by the new National Emissions Ceilings Directive, the agricultural sector should use proven cost-effective ways of lowering ammonia...


Noise is the second biggest environmental health threat in Europe, according to the World Health Organization. While current EU...


In 2017, Essen takes centre stage in the promotion of environmentally friendly urban living in Europe. The European Green Capital Award honours its...


More outdoor green spaces can improve cognitive development in European primary schoolchildren, EU-funded researchers have confirmed in a ground-breaking new study.


Spain and Portugal share the honours in the 2015 European Green Leaf competition.


A new award – the European Green Leaf initiative – will recognise efforts by medium-sized towns and cities to improve the environment and quality of life enjoyed by their citizens. The idea is to give smaller towns and cities a chance to share the benefits that the European Green Capital Award has...


The city of Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, is to be the European Green Capital in 2016. The European accolade recognises the progress the city has made in improving the environment and quality of life of its inhabitants.


High population density means that cities can be more resource-efficient than smaller agglomerations, with lower pollution and emissions per inhabitant, acting as hubs for innovation.


The city of Nantes is the first French winner of the prestigious European Green Capital Award. This recognises efforts to combine respect for the environment with excellent quality of life for residents and promotion of local economic growth. As 2013 laureate, Nantes is using this platform to lead by...