Resource efficiency

Resource efficiency

The EU is pushing for resource efficiency, using resources in a more sustainable way. We do this through strategies like Europe 2020 and the Roadmap to a Resource-Efficient Europe, which stimulate innovation and show the way to a more sustainable economy.


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Since 2016, the Directorate-General for the Environment has carried out a series of Circular Economy Missions: high-level political and business meetings in third countries to communicate and promote sustainable and resource-efficient policies. In this interview, Director-General Daniel...


The European Commission’s Generation Awake campaign concluded this year after four years of engaging Europeans with upbeat messages on how to become more sustainable consumers and save natural resources. The campaign won a media industry award for its interactive house website and videos, which were...


Moving to a circular economy requires systemic change, affecting all stakeholders in the value-chain, and substantial innovations in technology, organisation, and society as a whole. Green Week opened with an introductory session that set the framework for the discussions to come.


According to a study by the European Environment Agency, the EU loses €5 billion in non-recycled waste every year. Annually, we each throw away almost 180 kg of food alone. The European Commission’s Generation Awake campaign has been working to promote resource efficiency since its launch in 2011 –...


The Commission has assembled a high-level panel of national, European and international policy makers, industrialists and experts to help turn the vision and goals of its Europe 2020 Roadmap to a Resource-Efficient Europe into reality. The group held its inaugural meeting shortly before the summer...


The Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe the Commission published this autumn offers a coherent strategy to ensure our natural wealth is available to future generations. It emphasises that current practices are no longer sustainable. It contains milestones across different policy areas to arrive at...