Land use and soil

Land use and soil

We depend on soil for life, but human activities are taking their toll on this vital resource. Many problems are addressed by legislation on water, waste, industrial pollution and nature protection. The EU also has a comprehensive soil strategy.


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Europe’s air quality has improved, but more progress is needed to reduce ammonia emissions, 95 % of which are caused by agriculture. To meet the targets set by the new National Emissions Ceilings Directive, the agricultural sector should use proven cost-effective ways of lowering ammonia...


Green Infrastructure works with nature to provide economic, social and ecological benefits. The underlying principle is that the same area of land can frequently offer multiple services if its ecosystems are healthy. The concept is now being integrated into a range of EU policy areas as the...


Every year, an additional 1 000 km2 of soil – an area the size of Berlin – are claimed for human use in the EU. Around half of this land take is then covered with an impermeable material such as concrete, with damaging environmental consequences. New Commission guidelines highlight ways to limit,...