Funding and LIFE

Funding and LIFE

The European Union provides funding for environmental, nature conservation and climate projects through its LIFE Programme. The Programme was set up in 1992 to fund projects in the EU and in candidate and neighbouring countries.


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Channelled through the LIFE programme for the Environment and Climate Action, the European Commission is investing EUR 116.1 million in the latest integrated projects on nature, water, air, climate change mitigation and climate change...


On 25 October, the European Commission approved a major funding package for the LIFE programme, the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The EUR 243-million budget is part of a total investment of EUR 430.7 million to support 142 projects selected in 2018....


Environment for Europeans spoke to Professor George Papatheodorou, leader of the Greek LIFE DEBAG project. Against a backdrop of legislative change, his team are using an awareness-raising campaign...


New LIFE Integrated Projects in eight Member States will help them apply environment and climate laws on the ground to tackle challenges such as water scarcity, climate change, circular economy and biodiversity...


As the LIFE programme celebrates its 25th anniversary, Environment for Europeans talked to Angelo Salsi, Head of Unit in the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises which manages the LIFE programme. He has worked on LIFE since he joined the European...


The European Commission has announced the 96 environment projects and 26 climate action projects that will receive €197.35 million co-financing from the LIFE programme, the EU’s main funding instrument for the environment and climate action.


December 2015 was the wettest month ever recorded in the UK, with widespread flooding. Restoring rivers to their natural flow instead of straightening them or building flood defences can alleviate or even prevent flooding. A database of river-restoration practices funded by the LIFE programme...


Biodiversity and ecosystems are not typical targets for investors and bankers. The Natural Capital Financing Facility wants to change this by putting finance in the service of nature, as a resource worthy of long-term investment rather than an asset to be stripped.


LIFE projects encouraged cooperation among water engineering, flood protection and nature conservation authorities to help restore the Upper Drava river in Austria.


In June, the European Commission launched its first call for proposals for projects to be funded by the new LIFE programme 2014-2020. This year, a total of over €280 million is available, including €44 million for climate action projects.


A LIFE-funded project from Greece has demonstrated how banks can successfully support their client businesses to adapt to climate change. The Climabiz project has provided bank staff with tools to help businesses assess how they might be affected by climate change and how they can adapt their...


Conservation measures carried out in the Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve in Lithuania have helped safeguard its rich fauna and flora by restoring large areas of bog, swamp wood and lake habitats.


The ‘Moveable HEPP’ hydroelectric technology, demonstrated at two sites in Germany under a LIFE project, is now being widely implemented across Europe. Several large plants using the project’s patented technology are operational and more will follow.


LIFE – the EU’s main source of co-financing environmental projects and programmes within the Union and further afield – celebrates its 20th birthday this year. As it commemorates this landmark, highlighting the people and projects that have contributed to its success, it is already looking to the...