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The growing recognition that water is a finite resource has prompted a flood of new ideas and innovations to tackle water management challenges, many of them fostered by the European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP Water).

Water, marine and coast

The European institutions have decided to establish a new Innovation Fund for the period post-2020, to be financed through the EU's emissions trading system. Ahead of a public consultation, over 250 industry experts have given their views on how this fund could support innovative low-carbon energy solutions. 


The EU offers a framework to protect biodiversity, wildlife and nature that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Now, following a ‘fitness check’ of its Birds and Habitats Directives, a new Action Plan aims to ensure these fully deliver on protecting nature, improving the quality of life for Europeans and bringing economic benefits. 

Nature and biodiversity

This year, the European Commission’s EU Green Week, the biggest annual event on Europe's environmental calendar, was dedicated to green jobs. Events in Brussels and across Europe looked at the multiple benefits of green employment. As companies move to reduce their ecological footprint, how can we avoid green skills shortages? Green Week also showcased environmental breakthroughs that are creating new green jobs, and how traditional blue collar jobs can become part of a green transition.

Economics, strategy and information

Recent reports of choking smog in European ‘hot spots’ and several high-profile infringement cases highlighted that EU air-quality standards need to be implemented. Better cooperation and mobilising funding for targeted projects can help Member States in this endeavour. The LIFE Integrated Project coordinated by the Małopolska region of Poland shows how.


For the past 25 years, the EU Ecolabel has promoted trusted environmental excellence. Nearly 40 000 products carry this label which is proving its worth as an essential sustainability tool in the transition to the circular economy. A variety of events are planned to celebrate this milestone. Highlights include the eco pop-up venue ‘The SHOWROOM’, featuring the most iconic EU Ecolabel products and services.

Economics, strategy and information

The EU is building stronger relations with neighbouring countries to the south and east, using European project funding to boost sustainable development and protect the environment for local communities. One example is the integrated programme for the protection of northern Tunisia's Lake Bizerte against pollution. It will give access to better sanitation for over 10 000 people in towns and 30 000 in rural areas.

International issues

Ever thought of a green career? This year, the EU's Green Week will look at the new types of jobs that a greener and cleaner economy can bring, and will discuss the new kind of skills people will need. Find out more and be part of #EUGreenWeek 2017.

Green Week

This year, the European Commission’s Green Week, the biggest annual event on Europe's environmental calendar, is dedicated to green jobs. From 29 May to 2 June, events in Brussels and across Europe focus on the new and innovative green skills and training required to build a circular economy. Find out more and be part of #EUGreenWeek 2017.

Green Week

The European Union has some of the most advanced laws to protect the environment in the world. But what happens when they are not applied properly? The European Commission has acted to ensure citizens can claim justice when their environmental rights are not respected.

Environmental law