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EU Ecolabel for Businesses

EU Ecolabel for Businesses

With more than 72,000 products and services on the market, the EU Ecolabel is recognised across Europe. If you want to market your green products, the EU Ecolabel is the right choice!

Six reasons to opt for the EU Ecolabel

  1. On the B2C level, increased awareness about the benefits of environmentally friendly products creates a favourable climate for the green market as consumers are increasingly mindful of purchasing environmentally friendly products. The EU Ecolabel facilitates consumer choice in favour of your product as the EU Ecolabel is a trusted and recognisable label across the EU.

  2. Public procurers on the B2B level are facing increasing pressure to work with manufacturers of products that bear ecolabels in accordance with ISO 14024 (Type I) in order to meet procurement requirements. As the scheme involves compliance checks by independent, qualified certifiers, the EU Ecolabel can be the key to open new business opportunities.

  3. Within the process of checking whether your product(s) comply with the EU Ecolabel criteria you can find ways of optimizing your products and production processes. This will increase your company's profitability and reputation, and your brand stands out amongst your competitors.

  4. The criteria have been developed to ensure that the most environmentally friendly 10% to 20% of the products currently on the market can meet them. The EU Ecolabel works in accordance with the ISO standard 14024 and is therefore a Type I label, one of the most reliable ways to communicate environmental information to consumers. To help you with your application process user manuals are provided for most product groups.

  5. Special discounts for SMEs, micro-enterprises and applicants from developing economies facilitate compliance.

  6. The step-by-step explanation of the application process makes your application as simple as possible. Please visit the How to Apply for the EU Ecolabel page.