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EU Ecolabel Digital Toolkit

Product specific digital toolkits

In this section you will be able to download product-group specific toolkits with communication content.

WHY use this toolkit?

This content has been developed to provide you with ready-to-use material to facilitate communication on your own social media or website pages in order to collectively optimise outreach to our B2B and B2C target audiences.

HOW to use this toolkit?

The downloaded material can be used as-is (copy/paste), however depending on your country it may have the most impact if the content is translated into your national language and/or edited for your target audience. The articles can be shared with your partners and multipliers like NGOs, journalists or sustainability and lifestyle bloggers or any other media outlets. Make sure to follow and tag the EU Ecolabel social media pages when publishing on social media, so that we retweet and share your posts on our pages.

WHAT material is in this toolkit?

The following content is available within this toolkit for you to disseminate:

*Social media posts for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

- Relevant hashtags to use within the posts

- Relevant social media accounts to tag on the posts


- Ambassador Success Story

- Product-group specific articles

Eu Ecolabel Digital Toolkit
for creation of visuals

This EU Ecolabel Digital Toolkit has been created for use by EU Ecolabel retailers, license holders and competent bodies to encourage and facilitate the promotion of Europe’s label of environmental excellence. To aid such promotion, the EU Ecolabel has developed this digital toolkit which will provide these EU Ecolabel stakeholders the perfect tools needed for digital promotional activities to help demonstrate to customers how easy it is to shop green and make responsible purchasing choices.

What does the toolkit contain?

EU Ecolabel Guidelines and logo

1. Download the Guide to find out how to best make use of the Toolkit

2. By Downloading and using the, materials provided on this page, you commit yourself to respecting the EU Ecolabel logo guidelines.

3. We want to hear from you! Provide us your feedback on your EU Ecolabel Digital Toolkit experience via our survey. All feedback is welcome.

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