United Kingdom

United Kingdom’s (UK) position on the Eco-Innovation Index increased from the 11th to the 7th position between 2017 and in 2019. In 2019, they score 118, which is above EU average and following Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Luxembourg. Among the indicators for the Eco-Innovation Index, the UK performs very well in terms of resource efficiency outcomes and is ranked 3rd amongst the EU28 countries. It is above EU average in terms of eco-innovation inputs and eco-innovation activities and is slightly below the EU average for the other two components of eco-innovation outputs and socio-economic outcomes.

The UK is very active in the promotion of eco-innovation, the circular economy and new business models with environmental benefits. Multiple organisations in the country have participated in fostering systemic eco-innovation and a more circular economy by delivering financial support, advice and networking opportunities to innovative SMEs as well as public bodies at the regional and national level. Particularly dynamic and growing areas that shape the UK’s eco innovation and circular economy profile includes waste management and recycling, clean growth, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and low carbon technologies, including in the transport and construction sectors. In the past, the UK has played a key role in ensuring strong EU climate action, but the weakened relationship between the two as a result of Brexit could put both parties at risk to miss the 2050 carbon neutrality goals. Nevertheless, the UK’s current targets are more ambitious than those required under EU effort and is engaged in the transition from a linear product supply chains to circular economy models.

2019 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for The United Kingdom

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