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Searious business' primary goal is to prevent plastics from ending up in our environment.

We empower companies in the (food) packaging, furniture, consumer electronics and automotive industries, to help them to close the plastics loop.

We do this by strategically assessing internal plastic use and by rethinking and redesigning processes throughout the entire value chain, to reduce external impacts on ocean ecosystems.

For example, by gathering used plastics and turning them into new products, we can reduce a company͛s plastic waste to an absolute minimum.

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What we deliver

We reduce our customers' Plastic Footprint, by rethinking and redesigning plastics and the subsequent business models. By accelerating change towards a more circular business model and increasing margins, we create a lasting change.

Searious Business engaged in 6 innovation projects and has already conducted over 104 Plastic Scans. The Plastic Scan is an online tool that assesses a company's plastic use and recommends potential improvements.

As we work with businesses, we are always guided by these core principles:

  • Re-Think. We help establish inclusive, innovative, solutions-based thought processes, including:
    • Re-Use: Moving away from "single use" for industry and consumers;
    • Recycle: Applying "re-think" to recycling programs - Cents and sense;
    • Reverse Logistics: Systemic change.
  • Re-Design. Systems, strategies, and product cycles - Making improvements, together!
  • Re-Brand. New positioning of the brand, product and/or packaging in the market. This includes training producers and changing how people treat and value plastics.

Brand owners benefit from highly innovative solutions with high impact that will drastically reduce their plastic footprint.

The circular impact of our solution

We aim to go from 20.000 kilos of plastics being littered per minute into our ocean, to ZERO. Our solutions focus on preventing plastics from entering our environment. We do this by enabling our customers to close their plastic loop through innovative solutions by, for example, redesigning plastic into usable products.

By focusing on process efficiency Searious Business creates economic advantages for businesses. For this reason, they are usually recipient for the proposed ideas. However, they often have no idea where to start.

By rethinking product cycles, we support businesses in reducing or completely removing plastic from the value chain. We can help them with the ways in which they want to do that, by maintaining a positive tone and focusing on the transformation of companies.

What makes us unique

We involve the entire value chain in our solutions. This enables us to not only execute novel approaches in plastics but often also involves a systemic change. Our innovation projects have highly technological aspects (both in engineering and design) and smart branding and marketing (involving crowd funding for first items to be sold).

We create awareness through events and projects such as the manufacturing of a 3D printed Yacht from plastic waste. The "One Minute Boat" will be 3D printed using recycled PET plastics. It has a nominal displacement of 20 tonnes: equivalent to the weight of plastic that is discharged into the world's ocean every minute!

What are we looking for

In the coming years, Searious Business wants to keep doubling its sales by extending the number of customers among brand owners and manufacturers. We specifically want to make an impact together with (major) brand owners in (food) packaging, furniture and consumer electronics throughout Europe.

Searious Business

Willemijn Peeters founded Searious Business in 2016

We put full force into establishing an initiative to prevent plastics from ending up in the environment. To achieve our goal we gathered a flexible group of specialists consisting of business developers, product designers, and multiple Industrial Ecologists.

Searious Business engages an ongoing stream of students into carrying out applied research to further our goal.

Awards and special news coverage

  • Developer of the World's First 3D printed yacht from recycled PET
  • Nominee Sustainability Award 2017
  • Co-developer of Oceans and Plastics Platform from IUCN
  • Member of Dutch circular economy transition team
  • Initiator of circular product line:
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A real world example of our solution

By setting up a small-scale production line for a number of companies, Searious Business proved that companies can keep plastic materials "in their own loop". Local businesses actively use this "Living Laboratory" to test and redesign products made of recycled plastics from their own industrial areas.

A number of major companies have joined this innovative initiative. Waste collectors, plastic recycling companies, machine builders, designers, engineers, and the (Dutch) Technical University of Delft collaborated with us to obtain, use, and assess the recycled plastics coming out of this exciting process.

Mid-December 2016, we finished the first prototype: a design sofa for Gispen. Where the first 200 products already sold out before we could start production on industrial scale in 2018.

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