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Prevents plastic disposal through innovative repairs
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Plastic Repair System (PRS) gives your plastic objects and components a second life.

We are pioneers in the repair and maintenance of any object or component made of plastic. The innovative certified and patented PRS welding method guarantees 100% recovery of the object’s functionality and at least 98% of its original strength. It is currently deemed to be the best repair system on the plastic repairing market. 

Our mission is to increase business interest in the maintenance and repair of plastic objects in order to contribute towards a socially and environmentally sustainable economic model whilst offering a personalized and high-quality service.

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What we deliver

Discarding broken plastic objects and replacing them with new ones is costly and harmful to the environment. PRS (Plastic Repair System) prevents replacements of plastic products by repairing them. To give an accessible and quick service, PRS has a wide network of authorized and skilled repairers that provide coverage throughout Spain.

The innovative, certified and patented PRS method is based on a welding technique with high-density virgin material. PRS exclusively manufactures its own welding thread with high-density virgin material and an own formulation, which enables to truly guarantee PRS reparations. we manufacture the thread from a material suitable for sanitary use, in accordance with European standards. 

Choosing PRS means:

  • Product life cycle extension of plastic objects, an important lever in the circular economy
  • Cost savings of approximately 70% in comparison to the purchase costs of new items.
  • An important contribution to environmental conservation.
  • Supporting workers with disabilities in their quest for social and labour inclusion.

RPS has 20 workshops and is planning to open even more in the near future. We are active in the following sectors: Industry, Municipal solid waste (MSW), Agri-food, meat and fish, and Leisure and sports.

The circular impact of our solution

Our PRS method achieves a 98% reduction of CO2 emission compared to alternative solutions to repair such as recycling, incineration or landfill. The carbon footprint saving is at least 0.89KG per kilo of repaired plastic (compared to the average of aforementioned alternative solutions), based on data extracted from an environmental impact analysis of pallets.

In addition to this, the CO2 emissions derived from the production of a new plastic object should also be taken into account.

With our PRS method, we can significantly extend the life cycle of products made out of long-lasting materials. In addition, we can create awareness on the possibilities of repairing products instead of buying new ones, and on the importance of choosing materials that suit the product’s function in the design phase.

What makes us unique

We deliver economic and environmental impact: PRS has developed and patented a method to repair plastic goods by welding, using virgin and high-density material, which is also suitable for usage in the food industry. With this method, the repaired object regains 100% of its functionality and, at least, 98% of its strength, a 70% cost savings and a 98% reduction of CO2 emission compared to alternative methods.

PRS has developed a complete process that standardizes the repair of each element, optimizing the time needed for each repair and significantly reducing the repairing costs of large volumes of the same reference.

What are we looking for

After 7 years of experience and successful testing of our technology on a small scale, we want to expand our business model internationally, starting with Europe, specifically France and the UK. 

We are looking for a local partner to start our activities in key countries, preferably a company that already works for our target companies and has, if possible, the resources to speed up implementation. Examples would be industries in wood, cardboard, metal or plastic packaging.

Plastic Repair System

Francisco Arboniés founded PRS in 2011

PRS consists of a large professional team, led by engineers specialized in the repair and maintenance of plastic materials.

Our seven years of experience and a vast portfolio of industrial clients have provided us with a level of knowledge that positions us as a market leader.

Our Research & Development department regularly studies and tests new materials, continuously improving and obtaining better results in our repair and maintenance work.

Awards and special news coverage

  • European Business Awards for the Environment in Spain
  • First prize in the Start-up competition in the Start Innovation Summit in San Sebastian.
  • Seal of Excellence by the European Commission
  • Best improvement award ‘Secondary packaging and sorting  and repair project’,
  • Presenter of the Circular Economics Group of Navarra.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
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A real world example of our solution

On the right an example of one Plastic Repair Systems reparations. The original price of one of these boxes is around €100, whereas a repair might be between €20 - €30.

Around 4.16 gram of plastic is used per kilogram to repair the plastic. In this particular case the box is 26 kilos, thus we used 102 gram of plastic for repairing the box.

Manufacturing a new one would need more than 26 kilos of plastic, much more energy, and along with the plastic waste, this would also have a significant amount of economic and environmental costs.

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