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MyFoody is the platform that turns your waste into more foot traffic at your store. This is the first solution devoted to large food distribution aimed at managing and reducing food waste.

The MyFoody app advertises offers on food products close to their expiry date in order to increase the sales and the in-store foot traffic, while at the same time engaging customers on environmental sustainability.

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What we deliver

We offer an efficient system to manage, promote and sell food approaching their expiry date and we provide MyFoody clients with an effective monitoring tool for their waste management activities. This has the following benefits:

Increase the foot traffic at the store
With MyFoody it is easy to advertise your offers on products about to be wasted. We offer you a tool to reach thousands of potential customers at an affordable price.

Revamp your brand
MyFoody users who live close to you will always be updated with your offers. This gives you the ability to renew your image showing your commitment to food waste reduction, cut the related costs, and communicate the adoption of a good practice.

Increase your incomes and reduce the related disposal costs
With MyFoody, you can improve your performance by selling products that will be wasted otherwise. Turning your expiry problem into business value has never been easier.

The circular impact of our solution

Thanks to MyFoody, food retailers can reduce food waste by attracting customers to their stores and by communicating their commitment in fighting waste. Customers are able to shop their groceries in a sustainable way and to save money at the same time. In turn, customers can donate their saved money to non-profit organisations that are listed on our website.

What makes us unique

Up to 3% of the revenue of an average store is wasted due to products passing the expiration date. MyFoody can give value to an underused asset that generates costs and can improve the shopping experience of your customers, engaging them by helping to reduce waste.

Through the Proximity Marketing Mobile App, you can exploit the offers on products close to expiration in order to innovate your communication and to reach customers around your stores, combining online and offline.

In addition, MyFoody adds value to retailers by providing insights into shopping behaviour as well as by increasing traffic to their stores.

What are we looking for

  • Medium/Large producers interested in promoting their best sustainable products through MyFoody
  • Medium/Large food retailers interested in implementing the MyFoody waste management system in their stores
  • Medium/Large Food retailers interested in promoting their best sustainable products
  • Food retailers Trade associations
  • Food producers Trade associations


Francesco Giberti founded MyFoody in 2015

We have a highly motivated team, that has complementary skills and expertise ranging from web developers to communication experts.

Our team has an excellent ability to promote and continuously develop the MyFoody platform. The well-balanced expertise of our team enables us to accelerate the disruptive reach of our business model, filling the gaps and integrating new skills where needed.

Awards and special news coverage

  • Selected for Startupbootcamp International acceleration program for startups
  • European Commission - best social Innovation projects
  • Startup Italia – best 5 Italian startups in the food sector
  • Digital 360 Awards - Best social impact CRM solution
  • Best practices of the Milan Food Policy
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A real world example of our solution

We already work together with two large supermarket chains, COOP and UNES. Our system for managing the food close to the expiry date allows them to track the flow of products that are about to be wasted from their identification to the sale. Their cash registers recognise the new barcode and the promotions are automatically redeemed. The sales data of the offers is made available in real time to users. We provide the data about our client's store performance to detect inefficient situations to be solved.

MyFoody aims to involve its users in sustainable grocery shopping. Food products about to be wasted and food products that are produced following sustainable criteria are both visible on the MyFoody app, which makes it easy for customers to find and buy these products. The user who purchases these products will be awarded with points that can be converted into prizes, such as cash or sustainable prizes. On top of that, producers are provided with data about customers in order to improve efficiency.

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