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iPoint-systems provides software and consulting for environmental and social product compliance and sustainability.

The software and services simplify, support and automate external and internal data collection to enable companies to manage, track, analyse and report data across the whole value creation network. Focused integration of this data results in a sustainable value creation network.

iPoint’s circular perspective envisages a continuous, digital system lifecycle management process that supports regulatory compliance as well as the sustainability of products, value chains and brands for companies of all sizes and various industries.

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iPoint: Towards a Digital Cicular Economy – Part1

What we deliver

With our secure and reliable business process management solutions and our cloud platform for supply chain integration, customers can efficiently reduce the risk of compliance violations and effectively advance sustainable product development. Depending on the requirements, customers can use and customise various solutions and functions for specific processes, products, or product groups.

Our software solutions and services enable you to efficiently and effectively:

  • Comply with international and national standards, laws, and regulations;
  • Meet sustainability goals: sustainable sourcing, closed-loop supply chains, resource efficiency (Circular Economy, Re-orUpcycling, Life Cycle Assessment, Design for Environment);
  • Implement efficient and adaptive compliance and sustainability processes into the system;
  • Integrate your strategy for sustainable products into long-term business objectives.

For our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers from the automotive industry, we have already implemented a closed-loop software portfolio, with our RRR-Module (Reusability, Recyclability, Recoverability) for the virtual type approval.

The circular impact of our solution

iPoint places sustainability at the forefront of everything that it does. We want to leave our earth in a better condition for future generations than it is today. For us – as a company, as a solution provider and as an employer – sustainability means acting responsibly for future generations and helping to shape the future sustainably.

We have a two-stage solution approach: In the first stage, we support our customers to fulfil the requirements of relevant ecological and social laws and international standards.

The primary targets of our solution are risk minimisation, the provision of a comprehensive digital repository of substances, articles and mixtures information, cross-reference usage information and highest possible avoidance of hazardous materials in products to simplify recycling processes.

This stage is a precondition for the next stage: the further digital product and systems lifecycle management for the use phase, the reverse logistics, and the recycling, recovering and reuse of products, components and materials.

What makes us unique

Our vision is to provide the most successful solutions and services to ensure the sustainability of our customers’ products.

We supply our customers with high-quality information about their sustainable performance, providing them with insights to make the right decisions by adapting or improving their current business and develop sustainable products.

We integrate product, supply chain and enterprise stewardship solutions into our holistic sustainability maturity model. Once they have started with one application, our customers continue with the step-by-step integration of a total digital twin lifecycle management.

iPoint serves two types of customer groups; on the one hand, big, globally acting corporations, on the other hand, tens of thousands of SME’s from 140 countries around the globe. To collect and manage relevant sustainable sourcing and sustainable supply chain information, we have created an easy to use, one-stop solution: data exchange cloud platform SustainHub.

What are we looking for

Our Circular Economy solutions need to be more visible in Europe – in the business world as well as on a political level – to better coordinate our participation in highly relevant research and development programs (e.g., Horizon 2020). We would like to expand our partner ecosystem to a digital circular economy community including not only organisations from the corporate world but also NGOs and standardisation institutions.

Our possible mission for this program is to raise SME’s awareness and create an understanding of the importance and benefits of full material disclosure and social information exchange in the supply chain and to use the platform for eLearning, crowd services and knowledge-sharing purposes. Thereby, we would like to create and focus on an audience that views sustainability as a precondition for current and future profit.


Joerg Walden founded iPoint-systems in 2001

Joerg Walden is CEO and founder of iPoint-systems. Since its founding in 2001, he has transformed iPoint into a multinational, globally operating compliance and sustainability software market leader.

Joerg and his team are driven by the vision of how today’s solutions can contribute to securing a sustainable world for future generations.

Awards and special news coverage

  • Verdantix EH&S Innovation Award
  • Blockchain for sustainability
  • Top innovator of the year 2017
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A real world example of our solution

iPoint supports companies like NIBE on their path to making the world more sustainable.
The iPoint Compliance Agent (iPCA) assists NIBE in efficiently identifying hazardous materials and managing material approvals – thus supporting the Swedish multinational in realising their vision to create world-class solutions in sustainable energy. iPCA accesses a central hazardous materials database in which all information of relevance to the materials is stored, including the safety data sheets. Among other things, this software solution takes account of the stipulations laid down in the EU regulation REACH. Together with the module SAM-M it automatically monitors substances, mixtures, and articles, while complying with all statutory provisions and amendments. More information: https://tinyurl.com/iPoint-NIBE-Example

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