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HydroScan offers holistic, integrated solutions for more sustainable, cost-effective and smarter water management. HydroScan has developed a ground-breaking solution to identify invisible leaks in the piping infrastructures of water supply companies.

As expert water engineers, HydroScan’s founders apply their expertise through advanced modelling in a unique combination with smart, cloud technology-driven, real-time alert systems.

HydroScan is keen to develop smart, sustainable and integrated water solutions for their partners that harmonise conservation of the Earth’s precious water resources, efficient management of the related assets, and society’s needs for water in its natural state.

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What we deliver

We have developed a ground-breaking solution to identify invisible leaks in the piping infrastructures of water supply companies.

Our software system is connected to the Cloud and receives online, real-time data from the flow meters. Customers receive real-time alerts when a significant leak rises/originates and predicts the most economical time for repairing even small leaks. It localises which zone of the DMA the leak is in, which significantly narrows down the leak search zone (sweeping) and thus substantially reduces the costs of finding leaks.

Hydroscan LeakRedux® can be operational within 3 to 6 months. Limited test zones or gradual implementation are possible. We organise and assemble the set-up, implementation and training of your staff.

Our main deliverables to our customers, in water supply, urban drainage and flood & water resources:

  • Spectacular reduction of non-revenue water in the water supply
  • Cost-saving sewer asset management
  • More accurate and real-time flood forecasting and risk mitigation
  • More integrated sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS)
  • Smarter on-site water management for industrial and residential sites

Our customers range from authorities, cities and municipalities, inter-municipal associations, water suppliers, architects, construction and industry, at both local and international levels.

The circular impact of our solution

Only 0,3 % of earth’s water is drinkable and available. However, water supply companies are confronted with losses in their public water supply networks. Water supply companies lose on average 35 % of their drinking water.

LeakRedux® helps you save an enormous amount of precious water resources, as well as the energy to produce and transport this water, by providing an effective water managing and monitoring tool.

The tool’s preventive measures for suggesting repairs for even the smallest leaks prevents water spills by instantly locating the source.

Our clients become more water- and cost-efficient by the reduction in water leaks.

What makes us unique

Hydroscan’s LeakRedux® drives an outstanding reduction of non-revenue water and operational efficiencies:

  • Outstanding payback after 1 to 3 years
  • Prediction of the most economical time for repair of invisible leaks
  • Real-time detection means faster intervention when significant leaks appear
  • Substantially lower costs for leak finding (sweeping)
  • Triggers more accurate and pro-active master planning and lifecycle asset management

LeakRedux® is a disruptive solution in the transition to a circular economy, simultaneously providing environmental and business value.

What are we looking for

We are looking for water supply companies that are interested in operational leak reduction in a proactive way. In addition, we are looking for potential commercial partners which include complementary companies who are interested in becoming a commercial partner for LeakRedux® in their local market. Complementarity regarding:

  • local network in water supply business
  • operations in the field of water supply leak search and repair
  • activities in the field of SCADA systems


Hydroscan was founded by Patrick Swartenbroekxin 2003

Today, we are a world-leading expert in holistic, integrated solutions for more sustainable and cost-effective water management.

Our team consists of 30 water engineers and experts. We apply our expertise through advanced modelling in a unique combination with smart, technology-driven real-time alert systems.

CEO and founder Patrick Swartenbroekx and Director Innovation Guido Vaes are internationally recognised reputed experts in their domain of expertise.

Our roots make us unique. We are both know-how and technology-driven, as well as pragmatic and cost-efficient.

Awards and special news coverage

  • Nominated for Belfius smart city award  
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A real world example of our solution

In June 2014 HydroScan was contacted by Farys, the second largest water company in Flanders, to help them solve their significant losses of non-revenue water. HydroScan developed a software-driven solution that is based on real-time data collection and modelling based algorithm for calendar specific benchmarking.

Today Hydroscan’s solution is installed on more than 100 DMA’s at Farys and operationally used in daily practice. HydroScan has trained the Farys personnel on the background and usage of the leak management tool. The system allows a 24/24 7/7 automatic detection of large and small leaks. Furthermore, LeakRedux® can decrease the leak search zone substantially and it supports a pro-active leak search planning. The estimated water saving costs are 4 million euros per year.

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