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The Global Material and Asset Fund (GMAF) purchases and owns (raw) material and assets to accelerate the Circular Economy.

The material, made of single-use plastic from households, will be the first material used in the Digital Deposit Plastic Pallet (DDPP) project. Other materials and applications will follow, such as aluminium, paper, household applications and wind turbines. Using DDPPs made of single-use plastic packaging reduces CO2 emissions caused by burning wooden pallets.

DDPP’s digital store and communication facilitycontributes to traceability as sensors use the Internet of Things make the logistics flow traceable. The lightweight design of DDPPs enables logistics to secure one more ton of goods per truck compared to regular pallets.

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What we deliver

The Digital Deposit Plastic Pallet (DDPP) facilitates replacement of wooden pallets with a sustainable plastic solution mainly made from single-use plastic packaging waste from households. By using DDPPs, we prevent the need to use and inevitably burn wooden pallets, reducing CO2 emissions.

DDPPs offer customers a circular digital logistic tool with an outstanding environmental profile and large cost saving potentials.

The circular impact of our solution

The DDPP facilitates positive impacts since captured carbon is saved and reserved during multiple lifecycles. On top of that, the DDPP offers five environmental impacts throughout the value chain:

  1. Less waste: single-use plastic is not burned or disposed.
  2. Less raw materials: trees (and the captured carbon) intended for single-use pallets are preserved.
  3. Use or re-use: after approximately twenty re-use cycles the DDPP is recycled.
  4. Traceability: the DDPPs digital store and communication facility contributes as IoT to the logistics flow which is traceable and used with Big Data analysis.
  5. Logistics efficiency: the lightweight design of DDPPs secures one ton more goods per truck as compared to wooden pallets.

What makes us unique

The Green Solution of DDPP is a real upcycling project – serving customers and society with an intelligent circular product out of single-use plastic waste from households for a very competitive price.

Our first fund shall obtain a funding of about € 100 million to purchase 42,000 metric tons of plastic waste from mainly single use packaging waste from households (comparable with about 50% of all plastic waste from households in Denmark) to upcycle this into 3,5 million DDP-pallets.

Global Material and Asset Fund

Global Material and Asset Fund was founded by Ingo Walterscheid and Lars Thomas Kristensen.

The founders Ingo Walterscheid (EcoFITT) and Lars Thomas Kristensen (Thortrans) both have over 25 years of experience as entrepreneurs within multiple sectors, such as IT, sustainability, and logistics.

Our spirit and believes has formed the GMAF mindset that should help the planet to become a better place. We will contribute to a sustainable life by aiming to fulfil the expectations of many generations in order to live a peaceful and secure life while the population of this planet keeps on growing.

Awards and special news coverage

  • The one founder company Thortrans A/S has recently won the Danish Transport Awards 2018 because of the development of their IT-logistic platform. This IT-platform will become an important brick of the whole DDPP logistic concept.
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A real world example of our solution

We are working on a case with a customer who will replace about 1,000 single use wooden pallets by the DDPP cycle. Annually, around 360,000 wooden pallets –equivalent to 6,480 metric tons of pine tree wood – will be substituted by DDPPs. As the DDPPs replace the pine tree wood, the emittance of 788 kg CO2 and 5,106 metric tons of CO2 is being prevented annually.

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