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FLOOW2 has developed a business-to-business sharing marketplace that enables companies and institutions to share overcapacity of assets. Every business and (healthcare) organisation worldwide can share equipment, waste, materials, services, facilities, and personnel with other organisations, or internally between departments and locations within their organisation. As a result: financial, sustainable and social benefits.

Sharing assets is an integral part of the transition towards a circular economy, in which loops are closed, and sustainability is key.

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FLOOW2 | How does it work? (UK)

What we deliver

We enable businesses to deliver a new, sustainable, and future-proof business model of sharing assets. Sharing assets will bring organisations multiple benefits:

  • Financial: renting out idle capacity results in an additional turnover and an improved return on investments. Furthermore, operating costs are reduced when organisations do not have to purchase new equipment. This might also reduce barriers-to-entry, as start-ups can do business without having to invest in their equipment first.
  • Sustainable: more intensive use of goods and equipment results in efficient use of raw materials and energy. Therefore, by doing more with what we already have, fewer new things have to be produced.
  • Social: organisations experience new dynamics when sharing equipment, services and knowledge. Sharing assets creates a culture of collaboration, connection and toleration.

The circular impact of our solution

We are passionate about contributing to the rise of the circular economy. We believe that there was never a better time for businesses to start sharing what they already have – shifting the mindset from ownership to access. We believe in collaboration, integrity, transparency, and we live the values that come with it. These are the values that motivate us in both our business and personal lives. In our vision, transparency will become the pillar of a circular economy, in order to go from brave isolated initiatives to a fully functional economic system.

The FLOOW2 online sharing marketplace allows every organisation, health institution, business and government agency to make supply as well as demand of (local) waste- and resource streams transparent and thereby available to other organisations. This sharing marketplace enables organisations to make more efficient use of everything we already have. As a result, more intensive use of goods and equipment is facilitated and thereby a reduced and more efficient use of raw materials and energy is developed.

What makes us unique

FLOOW2 is the first and only one-stop-shop B2B sharing marketplace in the worldin which every type of business, from every sector, can share all kinds of assets and services. Besides the general FLOOW2 platform, we deliver personalised white-label (internal) sharing marketplaces, which have the same look and feel of the organisation or business community. For example, hospitals that share assets between departments, large organisations that are share assets between entities or industrial areas on which other businesses are sharing assets locally. FLOOW2 has a disruptive, value-creating business model and has the potential to expand globally and be applied to multiple sectors.

What are we looking for

We are always looking for individual entrepreneurs or partner organisations with whom we can make the B2B Sharing Economy into a success in a particular city, region, country or market sector. We believe that the success of the sharing economy starts with collaboration. That is why we have built our company as a network organisation that expands its business through entrepreneurship. We are looking for large organisations with multiple departments and locations (i.e. hospitals, construction companies, production companies) and existing communities of businesses, like business associations or industrial areas and cities where many organisations are located near each other. For those kinds of communities and organisations, we will develop personalized (closed) sharing marketplaces on which they can start sharing assets internally, with colleagues or well-known companies.


FLOOW2 was founded in 2012 by Kim Tjoa and Rob Haenen.

FLOOW2’s core team consists of four Dutch entrepreneurs: Kim Tjoa, Rob Haenen, Lieke van Kerkhoven & Laury Zwart. Based on circular values, such as collaboration, connection and trust, they are developing FLOOW2 globally. The team is accompanied by several international business partners in The Netherlands, China, Australia, The United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Belgium.

Awards and special news coverage

  • NRC, Green entrepreneur in 2013 (The Netherlands)
  • Sustainia 100 nominee in 2013 (Denmark)
  • DHL Sharing Economy Challenge, 2nd place, 2017 (Germany)
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A real world example of our solution

FLOOW2 created an internal sharing marketplace for an organisation to facilitate all locations to lend, rent out and sell unused equipment. This organisation is using the platform mainly for advertising offers and requests for machines and other equipment. With the internal sharing marketplace, the organisation is able to connect locations and avoid the purchase of equipment at location A because it is already available and unused at location C. More efficient use of assets is stimulated, costs are saved radically and expensive investments are avoided.

Results after 1 year: 120 users, 62 locations, 50 heavy machines shared.

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