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Fit Things is the company behind the Slimbox, the machine that creates perfectly fitted packaging.

Fit Things aims to become number one provider in boxing solutions. Helping both companies and individuals to lower their costs, to get rid of their frustrations, and to become more eco-friendly when it comes to packaging.

The average single packaging of an online bought item contains enough plastic for 10 bags. All parcels contain 40% of air and (mostly plastic) filler materials. We eliminate this waste and contribute to the circular economy by creating customised packages of recyclable cardboard material.

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What we deliver

Slimbox makes the use of (plastic) filling materials in boxes obsolete. Our boxes are made of corrugated cardboard, a material that can be recycled to create more corrugated cardboard boxes. The creation process of your own Slimbox is completed in 4 steps and can be performed via the app, the web, or by connecting Slimbox to the existing ERP system of a company;

  • First, you select a model that you wish to cut (including fefco-standards and inlays to protect your goods), or you can create your box by entering the desired dimensions.
  • Experiment with your package design. Upload a personal drawing and cut it into whatever you want.
  • Packing heavy goods? Just push one button in the app and cut a new box that perfectly fits around your last box. Still not enough? Do it again and again until it has the strength to hold your product even with different types of cardboard.
  • You can control the machine entirely with the Slimbox app, web browser, or your current ERP system.

The circular impact of our solution

Slimbox makes it obsolete to use (plastic) filling materials, while only using corrugated cardboard. This cardboard can be recycled, changing it back into paper and creating corrugated cardboard out of it. Using Slimbox reduces carbon emissions by significantly increasing transportation efficiency: more boxes fit in the same transport vehicle (plane, ship, truck, etc.), transporting less air and no more plastic.

We want to help save the planet by implementing a zero-waste policy. We reduce your carbon emissions by at least 40% and re-use leftover material. Let͛s build a greener future together!

What makes us unique

Creating unique sized boxes on-demand and in-house was not possible at this pace. Forget about a warehouse packed with flat boxes, forget about filling materials you need to buy. You can reduce both your costs on material (by >60%) and your transport costs (by >30%). Do you know what the most fun part is? Your customers will feel special because they receive personalised boxes, and you are helping out the environment.

It͛s a win-win-win situation!

What are we looking for

Our perfect client is an organisation that needs 30+ boxes and/or inserts of different models and dimensions per day. This can be both SME͛s and large organisations. We can easily show that by making your boxes, the costs are drastically reduced. However, keep in mind that the machine is only made to do smaller amounts of boxes.

Fit Things

Filip Roose, Rik Roose, and Kristof Roose are the founders of Fit Things.

Fit Things was founded by two brothers and their father. Rik used to run a printing company for over 30 years. And his father did so before him. But because he could never find the right box for his goods, he came up with an idea. He wanted to build a machine to cut boxes on the fly. Perfectly fitted packaging.

Our team exists of a lot of very dedicated specialists in all sorts of areas: engineering, software, app-development, electronics, finance, analytics, and so on. Besides those specialists, the company is closely watched by a board of advisors. People with extensive knowledge, experience and a strong network.

Awards and special news coverage

  • Winner of Oscar de l'Emballage for innovative packaging.
  • Won the Postal and Parcel Technology International award in the category  "Environmental Achievement of the year 2017͛"
  • Won Coup de coeur at the Grafitec exhibition
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A real world example of our solution

One of our clients sells biological nutritional additives. Their employees used to pick from the products warehouse and put them in standard boxes. Since most orders contain products of different sizes, they used boxes that are too large and filled them up with plastic, which was terrible for their image.

Therefore, we designed a specially shaped box that could fit all their products without the use of extra space. By connecting their web-shop to our software, they were able to cut the right sized box for the order automatically. The only thing they have to do now is put the products in the same order in the box as they appear on their screen.

Other Solutions

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