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Circular IQ allows users to objectively compare the circularity of different suppliers, products, components and materials.

In a circular economy reliable information on the composition origins, safety and reuse-potential of products, components and materials is crucial. Our software application allows our users to collect, unlock and enrich existing sustainability data to help support supplier selection, reporting and monitoring of circularity throughout supply chains.

We enable our users to identify risks, decrease value-loss and digitise sustainability data to boost their circularity and simplify their supplier selection and monitoring.

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What we deliver

Circular IQ delivers the infrastructure to collaborate with supply chain partners, using the same definitions, workflows, dashboards and reports. Circular IQ makes it easy to generate reports based on collected data and to monitor progress through our dashboards.

Our cloud-based application supports businesses in collecting, comparing and analysing the performance data of suppliers and their supply chains. Data is digitized, easy to access, reliable, encrypted & suited for third-party verification and reporting. Digitisation and sustainability data management are critical levers in the transition to a circular economy. 

Circular IQ provides real-time circularity insights on a scale that was not possible before, making it easy to measure and compare the circularity of suppliers, products, components and materials. Our indicators are derived from best-in-class, trusted programs and concepts like the Cradle-to-Cradle certification program, a world-renowned approach to assessing materials, eliminating toxic chemicals and optimizing energy and water use. Our indicators cover major product sustainability issues, including design for disassembly, product composition-data, connection-types, take-back agreements, material health, reuse, water, energy, and carbon, while also including social aspects like human rights, worker safety, and labour conditions.

The circular impact of our solution

By allowing our customers and users to objectively compare the circularity performance of their suppliers (e.g. impact on human and environmental health), we give them the tools to actively include this information in their decision making. These Insights in circularity characteristics generate business-value, stimulate collection, reuse and upcycling of materials and can impact the entire supply chain behind the company.

For example, research shows that the Dutch Government Procurement in 2015 and 2016, reported a reduction of at least 4,9 megaton CO2 during the contract-period for only eight product groups. Only including reductions during the contract-period, let alone production and supply chain impacts. Imagine the impact we can have if we use our software on a global scale for supporting procurement, contract-management and decision-making.

What makes us unique

Our application is unique. It facilitates collection, encryption, management & monitoring of the circular performance of products, components and materials throughout supply chains using primary supplier specific sustainability data. 

Circular IQ offers a smart software solution that helps mobilize entire supply chains to collaborate and improve their impact on people and planet, working in one platform, adopting one method for assessing progress and reviewing the same set of indicators. This sparks R&D, saves time and money, decreases value loss throughout supply chains and allows for easy risk identification and effective mitigation.

What are we looking for

We are looking for pioneers and innovators; businesses that are interested in tackling sustainability challenges in collaboration with their supply chain partners. We look for businesses that want to understand and improve the materials in the products they buy and sell and that understand digitization and data-management are priorities when increasing supply chain transparency. And most importantly, we look for businesses that are striving for circularity.

Circular IQ

Claire & Roy co-founded Circular IQ in 2016

We believe passionately that circularity is the change the world needs. 

It is our dream that companies will achieve 100% transparency, zero toxins and optimal use of resources, across their supply chain. And we see that procurement can be a strong driver. If we change what is being bought, we change entire systems. We believe that Circular IQ will help make this a reality – enabling collaboration at every level of the value chain and delivering vital insights and compelling reports

Our expertise spans sustainable supply chain data management, data analysis and visualization, circular economy policies and principles, sustainability standards and world-renowned concepts like Cradle to Cradle.

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A real world example of our solution

Circular IQ has produced multiple product circularity breakdowns for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & the environment.

“Circular procurement is a key goal of the Dutch authorities and our biggest challenge in tenders is to compare circular characteristics of different products. Circular IQ has supported us in a tender for office furniture. They simplified this process, have helped us with their profound expertise to define the right criteria and using their application for the data collection made it easier to compare the tenders of the different suppliers."

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