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The benchmark institution of information in construction
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ITeC aims to be a benchmark institution, providing technological information and know-how for innovation and sustainability in the construction sector.

By generating and transferring knowledge about the environmental impact of construction works, ITeC facilitates better decision making regarding circularity in the construction sector. ITeC offers a database and digital module that simulates and predicts construction behaviour throughout the life cycle and models the environmental impact to support your circular decision making process.

Moreover, ITeC offers market research and strategy services by identifying the gap in the market andby supporting an appeal for funds to bring your innovation to the construction market.

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ITeC - Construction Environmental Indicators

What we deliver

We participate in innovative product development projects to ensure market success, by anticipating EU regulations and market requirements, minimising time to market and uncertainties during the R&D process.
Our experts handle technological support in each product performance area, complemented by a compatibility analysis on the innovative product market. ITeC also supports companies for the subsequent technical and environmental assessment process and certification.

  • Certification and application support: we issue official technical assessment documents and certification, recognised throughout Europe (including products that are not covered by a harmonised standard)
  • Database: we offer technical, environmental and economic information regarding all kind of elements used in every situation in the construction market through our database (such as the amount of CO2 emissions and the amount of waste the construction works will generate)
  • Process management methodology: our TCQ methodology covers the construction work life cycle with the Life Cycle Assessment scope, including planning, quality, cost and environmental management
  • Market research services: we deliver generic (production quantification of construction markets) as well as specific (type of product or building part) market measurement, and product competitiveness analysis
  • Research, development and innovation management: we offer extensive experience in supporting innovation in the construction field, mainly collaborating with international consortia, public bodies and SMEs, delivering broad support for market research, business model development and fundraising for business plan implementation.

The circular impact of our solution

With our database, we offer insights into the circularity of your project, making it easy to measure the impact of every element. Our TCQ database has an environmental module called GMA, which processes environmental information from the model to:

  • simulate and predict the construction behaviour with a Life Cycle Assessment scope
  • show the environmental impact of construction works
  • provide useful information to make better decisions regarding circularity

This is made possible by the embedded information in mentioned databases and the library of BIM products (Business Information Modelling). BIM objects in the digital model may be connected to one or more assets in external databases, thus enabling information of building spaces, elements, means, and resources to be stored.

What makes us unique

As an organisation, our goals to support innovation contain the generation and transfer of information and knowledge together with the provision of technological services, to improve competitiveness of construction sector stakeholders.

We do this by providing the required technological information and professional tools to support our customers to improve efficiency, competitiveness, positioning, and innovativeness continuously.

What are we looking for

By focusing on innovation and teaming up with knowledge partners, we aim to accelerate the transition towards a circular construction sector. Therefore, our services and products are relevant for any construction sector stakeholders: public and private companies, and independent professionals.

The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology, ITeC

ITeC is a non-profit founded in 1978.

As a multi-disciplinary group of professionals, we help the building sector to overcome present obstacles and planning for future challenges.

Our team comprises of 75 people, including workers, trainees and collaborators. Our workforce is specialised in Architecture, Industrial-, and Computer Engineering.

The professional skills of our technicians, a Board representing the majority of those involved in the sector, and being a private non-profit makes us highly reliable and independent.

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A real world example of our solution

One of the city councils that is using ITeC’s Database for urban projects to contract maintenance works for its roads and its urban spaces has detected that the theoretical technical difficulty and economic costs in their database do not match with their current projects. ITeC has gathered information from contractors to add new database items that reflect real-world conditions observed in recent years.

A second project is a large-scale urban reform operation where the developer wants to ensure that the project is projected and executed following sustainability standards. We are drafting an environmental brief for the contractor where it specifies a valid method for calculating CO2, energy, waste impact, and waste management.

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