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Our RichWater solution is a wastewater treatment plant specifically adapted to the reuse of effluent in agriculture. It is designed to provide optimal levels of nutrients to irrigation water.

We have wide experience providing integrated solutions for tailor-made treatment and water production systems for urban and industrial applications. Our RichWater solution is the first application and market introduction of combined wastewater treatment and reuse technology for agricultural purposes.

Finally, we provide industrial clients with technical assistance for the optimisation, validation and management of their production plants and control systems.

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What we deliver

Our RichWater solution combines a wastewater treatment and reuse technology for agricultural purposes. Our technology is based on the complementary action of 4 modules:

  • Wastewater treatment: The core is an adapted low-cost Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) water treatment system, which provides a safe but nutrient-rich effluent ready for irrigation.
  • Monitoring and control unit: Soil sensors are placed in the root zone, constantly analysing moisture content and nutrient concentration. The data is digitalised and transferred to the Automatic Monitoring and Control Station.
  • Mixing unit:  The mixing module ensures demand-driven irrigation adopting the appropriate concentration of nutrients by mixing clear water and treated wastewater according to the information received from the monitoring module.
  • Fertigation station:  The irrigation unit is integrated into the system so that the effluent of the MBR can be directly used in agriculture with an adapted technology optimized for the use of treated wastewater.

BIOAZUL services thus include improvement of the technical and economic performance of existing plants and integration of state-of-the-art technologies for retrofitting obsolete installations or for their energetic optimisation. We also design and install decentralized water treatment systems (e.g. MBR, SBR) and are experts in reuse solutions for different purposes.

The circular impact of our solution

The European agricultural sector is facing serious risks such as nutrient unavailability, the growing demand for food and biofuels and the increase of extreme weather events due to climate change. Meanwhile, nutrient-rich wastewater runs untreated and unused in our surface water bodies causing environmental damage and health risks.

Therefore, the use of "reclaimed water”, like the water created by our RichWater solution, can be an alternative water resource for agriculture. Water and nutrients contained in reclaimed water can be used for different purposes instead of being dumped into the environment. The technology developed in our RichWater project is a ready-to-market advancement of the Treat & Use system, a successful EU research project (FP7) approaching the safe and economic reuse of wastewater in agricultural production.

What makes us unique

RichWater is a wastewater treatment plant specifically adapted to the reuse of effluent in agriculture. Thus, the technology fulfils quality standards for the effluent beyond legal requirements in order to provide confidence to customers about the safety of using treated wastewater for irrigation. 

Likewise, RichWater is designed to provide an optimal level of nutrients to irrigation water adapting the (de)nitrification processes and including automatic dosage of fertilizers according to both crop needs and existing nutrients in treated wastewater.

BIOAZUL is a small company with a strong potential growth: with the development of innovative technical solutions in the field of water treatment and reuse we expect to scale up the production of water reuse in the target markets and experiment a significant growth in the company in the next years.

What are we looking for

We are looking for potential end-users of RichWater technology, which are most often situated in the agricultural industry. The focus in this industry lies in concepts related to nutrient recovery, smart irrigation, and advanced water treatment.


BIOAZUL was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of ttz-Bremerhaven

Bioazul is composed by a multidisciplinary team including engineers, biologists, chemists and experts in social sciences. 

The team has proven skills in the design and installation of water technologies as well as in consultancy in R&D projects, combining technical and organizational skills.

Awards and special news coverage

  • In 2014, the TREAT&USE project received the CommNet award and the technology was included in the 2014 Innovation Catalogue.
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A real world example of our solution

RichWater is in its pilot phase. At this stage, we have a commercial prototype running in the municipality of Algarrobo in South Spain.

Jointly to the treatment plant there is an experimental site with mangos, avocados and tomatoes. A research centre is carrying out agronomic studies to verify safety, quality and productivity of the crops irrigated with treated wastewater. 

There has been a strong interest among farmers.

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