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We turn industry waste into useful raw materials. 

We are the first to have developed a sustainable and value-adding recycling process to produce high value materials and electrical and thermal energy from specific organic waste streams (Medium-Density fibreboard). Using carbonisation - gasification technology, MDF waste is converted into high value activated carbon. This product is known for its exceptional filtration characteristics and helps provide our planet with clean air and clean water. 

It is our mission to develop the greenest commercial recycling solutions for hard to recycle or non-recyclable waste streams such as MDF. As pollutants in our water, air and soil are impacting the planet, we want to turn waste into high value materials to help make our world cleaner.

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What we deliver

Insufficient quality of waste is a significant circular leak. With our solution FibreCarb, we bring the use of raw materials to zero and instead use fibreboard waste - now mostly landfilled - to produce wood based activated carbon. This activated carbon is known for its exceptional capacity for adsorption and filtration. This way we turn this waste into a high value raw material.

The carbonisation - gasification process is a self-sustaining process, using its own produced syngas for its own energy supply, while providing residual syngas/heat with high calorific value for external users or electricity production. Moreover, FibreCarb does not pose any burden on our society, on the contrary! The process requires a relatively small space (e.g. a three ton/hour installation needs less then 625m²), provides additional jobs, and has the potential to lower gate fees for treating fibreboard. This in turn allows our society to rely on a commodity product for their everyday furniture.


  • Cutting costs for wood furniture producers and waste collectors: the current market price for disposing MDF waste is up to €90 per ton. Act&Sorb will take this waste at lower costs, thereby offering a significant cost reduction on waste stream.
  • Lowering the cost of making our planet cleaner: our technology yields at least 33% more activated carbon from MDF waste than from fresh wood. This allows us to bring high-quality activated carbon to the market at a much lower cost.

The circular impact of our solution

MDF is an extremely versatile wood product with countless applications: from kitchen cabinets, to laminate flooring and much more. Each year, over 70 million tons of new MDF is produced worldwide. It has an average lifetime of ten to fifteen years and is produced from 100% virgin wood. Worldwide 70 million tons of this wood is wasted every year. With a lack of recycling options, manufacturing cut-offs and end-of-life MDF is incinerated or dumped as landfill. 

Our groundbreaking recycling process creates value from bio-based MDF and helps furniture manufacturers and waste collectors contribute to the circular economy, while complying with increasingly stringent legislation.

FibreCarb by Act&Sorb is the first solution ever to enable the recovery of valuable material in fibreboard. Our innovative technology allows us to produce high nitrogen content activated carbon of a superior quality. Our solution supports the growing demand of activated carbon in Europe while reducing the need for fresh wood.

What makes us unique

Act&Sorb developed an innovative technology (FibreCarb) which answers a demand from the market for wood based activated carbon without using new wood as is currently the practice.

Act&Sorb has been able to design a fiberboards waste upcycling process in such a way that the glue within the fibreboard (the most difficult part to be recycled) is turned into a valuable resource. This enables us to produce nitrogen incorporated activated carbon, a specialty product with high market value.

What are we looking for

We are looking for the following partners:

  • end-consumers to demonstrate our circular activated carbon in different applications. For example: biogas purification, water treatment, chemical purification
  • investors providing smart money to build the world-first fibreboard upcycling facility and scale from there together.
  • suppliers for delivering fibreboard waste.

Act & Sorb

Acy & Sorb was founded by Kenny Vanreppelen, Jozef Peuters, and Uwe Prade in 2016.

Act&Sorb is a fast growing, innovative start-up, based on a unique recycling solution that addresses the growing problem of non-recyclable MDF waste. Since our inception in 2016 as SME, we have put in place a management team that between them have over 70 years of experience in chemical engineering and project management. 

Each team member brings with him his own skills set necessary for the successful scale-up of our business.

Awards and special news coverage

  • First place BioLinX Brokerage and Finance Event, October 2017
  • Second place I-SUP2016 16-19 October Antwerp, Belgium.
  • Among the 7 selected companies to present its innovation during the Meet the Buyer event
  • Among the 11 selected companies to pitch during the BioLinX Brokerage and Finance Event, 2017
  • Finalist during Falling the Walls Venture 2017
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A real world example of our solution

Act&Sorb recently demonstrated its unique recycling solution for Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) at industrial scale. MDF is a natural product made from wood which has countless applications like kitchen cabinets, laminate flooring, doors, etc. Every year, over 70 million tons of new MDF is produced worldwide with an average lifespan of only 10 to 15 years, end-of-life MDF is usually incinerated or dumped in a landfill. Thanks to Act&Sorbs technology, MDF waste will be given a new life as activating the carbon which can be used in wastewater treatment or food and beverage processing for example. Furthermore, the process of manufacturing this end product is completely self-sustaining with an excess of syngas which can be used for the production of renewable energy or chemicals.

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