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We believe that a more circular world, in which the value of products, part and materials is retained through reuse, sharing, refurbishment and recycling, is good for everyone. On this platform, we showcase 13 promising solutions that might help your business to become more circular. They have all been selected out of hundreds of applicants and are looking for ways to improve their impact and spread their solutions across Europe. Find out more on our solutions page.

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of your own business, small or large? We actively support matchmaking in multiple ways. Get into direct contact with the solution, or opt to meet them and others on our offline event in September.

We will offer support to both you and the circular solutions to set up effective collaborations across Europe. The program behind this website, run by the European Commission, can support you on everything from your circular business case to international deal support. Get in touch with one of the solutions, and we will help you further.

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Do you want to be in contact with one of the solutions? Please go to their separate solution page to find a direct link to the team behind it.

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