In 2019, Portugal obtained an Eco-Innovation Index score of 100, and ranking 12th among EU member states. It has moved downwards from a ranking of 10th and is currently placed precisely on the EU average. Portugal shows good performance in eco-innovation activities by SMEs. It not only lags behind in eco-innovation inputs, but has shown a decrease of performance since the last reporting period. This includes also the performance in eco-innovation outputs, resource efficiency and socio-economic outcomes, which is aligned with the EU average. The country needs to improve its performance in bringing products to market, namely total value of green early stage investment and eco-innovation related patents.

The years 2018 and 2019 were marked by a growing interest in circular economy, with many companies adopting its principles with the support of instruments such as the Fundo Ambiental. In the last reporting period, it was reported that most innovations are confined to niche markets and struggling to scale up to global innovations. In 2018-2019, examples show that there have been attempts to establish sustainable businesses. The policy landscape in Portugal has not evolved significantly during this period. However, the country has shown a significant leap forward in eco-innovation since the previous reporting period and has indeed introduced policy instruments used to help implement circular economy projects across private and public organisations. Portugal needs to address several barriers to eco-innovation, such as the lack of private-sector leadership or investment in eco-innovation efforts, and a lack of specific policies to promote eco-innovation. However, Portugal benefits from several drivers that have and will contribute to eco-innovation efforts, such as the definition of regional agendas for the circular economy and the creation of the Collaborative Laboratories to create critical mass in specific R&D fields and foster knowledge transfer.

2019 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Portugal

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