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Materials, Waste & Resources

Here you can discover the list of technologies that have been verified under the ETV Programme. For each technology you will find the proof of verification in the document - "Statement of Verification". This is a short document that includes a summary description of the technology verified, the verified performance parameters, a summary of the procedures followed by the Verification Body and any other information to understand and use the performance claim. Although with variations in formatting, the cover page must display the main elements concerning the verified technology.


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Reg # Title Technology Application Manufacturer Country Verification body Issue


ReStoRe Materials, Waste & Resources Deref S.p.A. Italy RINA Services 25/10/2021
VN20210046 BIOCAT® process for bio methanation Materials, Waste & Resources Aps Denmark ETA-Danmark A/S 07/05/2021
VN20210045 Enzymatic decomposition of organic substances (wastes) in order to intensify the methane production in biogas plants.  Materials, Waste & Resources CONFORMITY s.r.o. Slovakia The Czech Environment Management Center (CEMC 22/04/2021
VN20190036 Pilot scale recycling process for filamentary thermoplastics contaminated with unwanted materials Materials, Waste & Resources RECYOUEST France   26/06/2019
VN20170025 Re-Match Artificial Turf Recycling Materials, Waste & Resources Re-Match Denmark ETA Danmark A/S 26/09/2017
VN20170021 BioFibra® BF-LED-10 Materials, Waste & Resources FuturaMat France   24/03/2017
VN20170019 BioPolyme BP-LXX-06 Materials, Waste & Resources FuturaMat France   24/03/2017
VN20170020 BioMine® BM-LMI-03 Materials, Waste & Resources FuturaMat France   24/03/2017
VN20170022 PolyFibra® PF-PEF-04 Materials, Waste & Resources FuturaMat France   24/03/2017
VN20160013 BioFibra® BF-LHE-01 Materials, Waste & Resources FuturaMat France   08/09/2016
VN20160014 EWA Fermenter Materials, Waste & Resources RPS Ostrava Czech Republic The Czech Environment Management Center (CEMC) 15/04/2016
VN20160012 GW Dryer Materials, Waste & Resources G3 Enterprises - Verification proposed by the Institute for Agricaltural and Fischeries Research (ILVO) United States RINA Services 16/03/2016
VN20160011 ECOGI - Separator for extraction of organic waste from pre-sorted household waste Materials, Waste & Resources Komtec Miljo af 2012 A/S Denmark ETA-Danmark 01/02/2016
VN2015006 PURROT Materials, Waste & Resources PurFil Aps Denmark ETA-Danmark 23/11/2015
VN20150005 Bio-Com System Materials, Waste & Resources SELMA sp. z o.o. sp.k Poland Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (ITP) 07/09/2015
VN20150004 Aerobic Biodegradation of Mater-Bi AF03A0 and Mater-Bi AF05S0 (Mater-Bi of Third generation) under marine condition Materials, Waste & Resources NOVAMONT Spa Italy   09/08/2015
VN20150003 New substrate technology concept Materials, Waste & Resources J.S. Trading Denmark ETA-Danmark 08/05/2015
VN20140001 BIOMASSER® briquetting machines Materials, Waste & Resources ASKET Roman Długi Poland Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (ITP) 12/11/2014