'Green waves' for cyclists in Danish cities


Danish cities have made life easier for cyclists by favouring them in their traffic light systems:

Previously the traffic lights in Copenhagen were coordinated for cars. Now they’ve been adjusted to favour cyclists along many main traffic arteries. This means that at a speed of 20 kph, cyclists can surf a wave of green traffic lights through the city without putting a foot down.


The city of Aarhus has gone one step further:

The service is based on an RFID chip which is placed on the wheel of the bicycle. If possible, the chip activates a green light for cyclists via a registration box which receives a signal from the chip almost 100 metres before the intersection. At the moment, the service is in a test phase and so far 200 cyclists participate in the test where they are able to change the light to green in a specific intersection in central Aarhus. The plan is to expand the project to some of the most heavily trafficked intersections in Aarhus.