European Fora on Eco-innovation

Held since 2006, the European fora on eco-innovation bring together specialists from the science and engineering, policy, finance, NGO, academic and business communities. Over the course of two days, they present the latest developments in their fields and discuss a theme proposed by the EcoAP High Level Working Group, European Commission or host country. These Fora are intended to be pivotal events of lasting significance; a chance for leading and emerging eco-innovators to examine current and future issues surrounding novel, dynamic, innovative and exciting areas of policy, finance and technology related to eco-innovation.

The fora's goals include:

  • disseminating innovative eco‑friendly ideas across disciplines
  • providing an efficient interdisciplinary collaboration framework for developing innovative and comprehensive solutions to the world’s critical problems
  • giving leading and emerging eco‑innovators the opportunity to examine novel, promising areas of policy, finance and technology related to eco‑innovation
  • raising awareness of recent research and policies
  • encouraging innovation through cross-fertilisation between disciplines and sectors
  • identifying key issues that need action by national governments and the EU
  • helping mobilise relevant actors around common objectives
  • developing concrete strategies for future action.

The highlights and conclusions of Forum discussions and debates are disseminated after the event throughout the eco‑innovation community and beyond. Recommendations are made for future action by the business and finance worlds, as well as national and European policy makers.

Below is a list of fora that have taken place over the last few years.


List of Fora

  • Sofia, Bulgaria, 5-6 February 2018
    21st European Forum on Eco-innovation “Eco-innovation for air quality”. More
  • Tallinn, Republic of Estonia, 26-28 October 2016
    Grow circular! Financing SME Eco-innovation. More
  • Seoul, Republic of Korea, 27 - 28 October 2015
    Business opportunities in Eco-innovation. Materials and products for a sustainable future. More
  • Barcelona, Spain, 20-21 May 2015
    Boosting competitiveness and innovation – The role of environmental labelling, management and information scheme. More
  • Lyon, France, 1-2 December 2014
    17th European Forum on Eco-innovation, Lyon, France. More
  • Hannover, Germany, 7-8 April 2014
    Wasted potential! Towards circular economy in cities. More
  • Hanoi, Vietnam, 12-13 November 2013
    Cutting waste… Resource efficiency and eco-innovation for sustainable food chains. More
  • Prague, Czech Republic, 23-24 May 2013
    Into clean air… Delivering innovative solutions for mobility, energy and ICT in cities. More
  • Lisbon, Portugal, 26-27 November 2012
    Developing new markets for eco-innovation. With a special focus on water. More…
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 25-26 April 2012
    Scaling-up sustainable construction. Through value chain innovation. More...
  • Helsinki/Lahti, Finland, 11-12 October 2011
    Working with emerging economies for green growth More...
  • Birmingham, United Kingdom, 22-23 March 2011
    Towards a Resource Efficient Economy - From Policy to Action More...
  • Brussels, Belgium, 29-30 November 2010
    Financing the eco-innovators More...
  • Bilbao, Spain, 20 - 21 April 2010
    Making Eco-Innovation happen in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises More...
  • Copenhagen, Denmark, 23 - 24 November 2009
    Adapting to Climate Change through Eco-Innovation More...
  • Berlin, Germany, 2 - 3 April 2009
    Technology transfer: Creating Partnerships for Stimulating Economic Renewal More...
  • Budapest, Hungary, 16 October 2008
    Emerging Technologies for Eco-Innovation: Opportunities and Risks More...
  • Vienna, Austria, 31 January - 1 February 2008
    Unlocking Global Market Opportunities More...
  • Paris, France, 26 - 27 November 2007
    Boosting Eco-Technologies through Verification More...
  • Brussels, Belgium, 11 June 2007
    Markets for Sustainable Construction More...
  • Poznan, Poland, 21-22 November 2006
    Financing Eco-Innovation More...