Eco-innovation outputs

Eco-Innovation outputs are the immediate results of eco-innovation activities. Indicators in this component are used to monitor the extent to which knowledge outputs generated by businesses and researchers relate to eco-innovation.

Eco-Innovation Outputs Composite Member State Ranking, 2010-2017
Total number of scientific publications addressing eco-innovation topic, EU 28, 2011-2014

Datasource: based on the keywords based search in Scopus

How many scientific publications have been produced in EU28 countries?

German, British and Italian scientists have been the largest controbutor to the academic literature in eco-innovation related topic. While the contribution is still limited, in the new EU Member States the scientific publishing activities are on the rise.

Environmental Patents in top five countries, total number

Datasource: Patstat

What is the performanec of the leading countries in the environmental patenting activities over time?

Japan has been the long lasting leader in patenting of environmental technologies. However China took over the leadership since 2010 and in filed 44% of all environmental patents registered in 2013. South Korea is another country that showed a significant growth in inventing activities over time. The number of environmental patents filed by the inventors from EU28 has been constantly growing over time, however the growth rate has been moderate.

EU28 Environmental patents by technology fields, total number in 2013

Datasource: Patstat

In which technology area EU28 counties are more active?

Among environmental technologies areas, patenting activities in Environmental Management, Sustainable energy and sustainable transport areas were equaly strong and together contsituted to 88% of all EU28 environmental patent pool in 2013. Sustainable building is the fourth largets area with 10% share in the total environmental patent pool.

Eco-innovation coverage in electronic mass media, total N of news articles in 2015

Datasource: Scopus based on EIO queries

How dooes eco-innovation news captured in mass media in different EU counties?

The largest members states have the largest number of the news articles in eco-innovation. However, middle and smaller countries like the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, and Luxembourg have the highest number of news articles per capita.

Total EU Ecolable products and services per country, March 2016 total N of products & services 36 403

Data source: EC, http://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecolabel/facts-and-figures.html

Which MSs host more Ecolabel Products and Services?

Out of the total licences in the March 2016 reporting period, the majority of products/services comprised within this total are from Italy (46%), France (10%), and Spain (9%).