Eco-innovation activities

Eco-innovation activities are defined as the eco-innovation efforts towards developing new or improved products and services, changing business models, and introducing eco-management in companies or organisations. In the Eco-Innovation Activities dimension the company level data are aggregated to show the country level performance.

Eco-Innovation Activities Composite Member State Ranking, 2010-2017
Share of eco-innovation projects value in total value of all FP7 project - national participants contribution

Data source: CORDIS FP7 database

The total contribution of the participants in eco-innovation projects in FP7 was 291,2 mln Eur. This is on average 4% of total contribution across all projects.

Cumulative number of ISO 14001 - Environmentam management systems certificates hosted in main world regions

Data source: International Organization for Standardization, www.iso.org/iso/iso-survey

Europe is the second largest host of the ISO 14001 certificates, the first being Eastc Asia and Pacific, which took over the leadership from Europe in 2005.

Mergers & aquisition (M&A) deals in cleantech sector globally

Data source: Zephyr Cleantech M&A Activity Report 2015 prepared by Bureau van Dijk based on Zephyr database. Link to report datafile http://www.bvdinfo.com/BvD/media/reports/CleantechFY2015.xls

The value of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) targeting companies in the cleantech sector advanced 48 per cent year-on-year as USD 209,336 million was invested across 2,711 deals in 2015. Volume also increased slightly on 2,710 deals worth USD 141,471 million in 2014. Value was boosted by three sizeable transactions in the year under review, each worth in excess of USD 10,000 million and which together represented 22 per cent of total M&A investment in the industry.

% of surveyed SMEs that introduced eco-innovations, 2011

Source: Flash Eurobarometer 315, Attitudes of European entrepreneurs towards eco-innovation, 2011

According to the Eurobarometer survey on average 24% of European SMEs introduced eco-innovation in form of new product or service, 28% intoduced or improved eco-innovative production process, and 22% have introduced eco-innovative organisational changes.

% of innovative companies in EU that improved material efficiency (by sector)

Source: Community Innovation Survey 2008

On average one in four innovative European companies make efforts in improving material efficiency

% of innovative companies in EU that improved energy efficiency (by sector)

Source: Community Innovation Survey 2008

Ony 28% of European innovative companies improve their energy efficiency