Videos on ETV

Would you like to quickly understand what ETV is about? Would you like to advertise it to a broader audience? Below are some videos about the EU-ETV programme.

ETV: clear and simple

What is ETV all about? Have a look at this video prepared by the ETA-Danmark and DANETV. Sub-titles are available in Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish. To select the language, open the scroll menu 'Subtitles/CC' on the bar under the video.

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Animated ETV

The Verification Body NPL explains what the EU-ETV Programme is all about.

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Examples of ETV verifications from DANETV 

DANETV has been the precursor of the EU-ETV Pilot Programme and continues to run a complementary programme in some of the areas that are still not covered by the European Programme. They have produced a short video showing how ETV has been helping some Danish companies.

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Examples of ETV verifications from BRE 

BRE Global is a UK verification body active in particular on buildings and constructions products.

The video describes shortyly the verification process for PVStop.

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Alberto Pozzi - Director of Technical and sales department, Pozzi Leopoldo SRL

"How does Environmental Technology Verification help?" 

Pozzi Leopoldo SRL provides an engineering service to the textile machinery industry, focusing on energy optimisation and efficient factories. In this video, Mr Pozzi explains the importance of Environmental Technology Verification to their work.

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