Reference Documents

Reference Documents for ETV

Below you will find the main documents that set the basis for the ETV Programme.

Commission Staff Working Paper on the ETV initiative

This paper describes the objectives and the operational principles of the ETV Programme, within the frame of the Eco-Innovation Action Plan.

General Verification Protocol v. 1.2 (1st Aug 2016) pdf - 63 KB [1.3 MB] čeština (cs)dansk (da)suomi (fi)françai (fr)italiano (it)polski (pl) 
General Verification Protocol v. 1.3 (1st April 2018) pdf - 63 KB [1.65 MB] polski (pl)

The ETV General Verification Protocol (GVP) is the technical reference document describing the procedures guiding the verification process and the requirements for the organisations taking part in it. The new version 1.3 replaces the version 1.2 as of 1st April 2018.

Specific Guidance/Reference Documents

The work of the Technical Working Groups may also lead to the publication of specific guidance documents that clarify or detail further the General Verification Protocol:

Other relevant documents for the EU-ETV Programme

Market Potential for an EU-ETV scheme

A detailed assessment of the market potential and demand for an EU ETV scheme was produced by the EPEC consortium and published in June 2011. You can consult the reports and conclusions below: