PolyFibra® PF-PEF-04

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PolyFibra® PF-PEF-04

The PolyFibra® PF-PEF-04 compound developed by FuturaMat is a biobased compound. This formulation is composed of fossil resources and biomass product. The performance parameter that has been verified is the biobased carbon content (expressed as a percentage of total organic carbon content). The content of biobased carbon is 20% (average on 3 tests). The standard deviation is 0%.

The additional parameter that has been calculated is the mass percentage of hazardous substances included in the list of substances subject to authorization in Annex XIV of the REACH regulation and in the candidate list for autorisation used in the PolyFibra® PF-PEF-04 formulation. The mass percentage of hazardous substances used in PolyFibra® PF-PEF-04 formulation is 0%. This information is based on data provided by FuturaMat on the composition of the PolyFibra® PF-PEF-04 compound as well as data from the literature and safety data sheets of raw materials.

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