ETA-Danmark: completing re-accreditation and finalising a Verification Statement

Biokube A/S

The Danish Verification Body ETA-Danmark is pleased to inform that it has successfully completed the re-accreditation process with the Danish accreditation board (DANAK) based on ISO 17020 for the EU ETV General Verification Protocol (GVP). The re-accreditation takes place every three years and is a complete, comprehensive assessment of the Quality Assurance system and processes related to the accreditation scope, which covers all 7 technology areas described in the EU GVP. The next step is to convert the accreditation scope to the new version of the EU GVP.

In addition, ETA-Danmark is in the final stages of issuing a Verification Statement for the Water Treatment and Monitoring proposer Biokube A/S. BioKube Summerhouses Wastewater System is a technology that continuously nourishes the bacteria in wastewater systems during periods of no supply of wastewater to these systems, e.g. during the off-season (October –April) in summer cottages.

The first claim is that the treatment complies with the current Danish effluent quality requirements. The second claim is that the use of a flow-switch will reduce power consumption of summer cottages by at least 50% as the energy-saving treatment allows parts of the system to power down during periods without influent wastewater.

More about Biokube A/S technology:  www.biokube.com

ETV accredited verification bodies: https://ec.europa.eu/environment/ecoap/etv/verification-bodies_en