Environmental Technology Verification: how does it work?

Get your products and technologies verified!

ETV is a straightforward process that reassures your customers and gives you a competitive edge. There are verification bodies in a range of EU countries able to test and validate the performance of your environmental technology, providing a guarantee to your market.

You might ask why you need additional certification when your technology’s benefits can be easily measured? Experience shows that business-to-business markets can be resistant to innovations, even when they improve performance, because customers may have concerns about the reliability of new technologies. This is where ETV comes in, giving you credible backing for your product – based on rigorous test data.


Let’s go through the steps you need to follow to get verified.

First, contact any verification body specialised in your field from the list on the ETV website to check if your technology is eligible. Not every technological field is covered by the programme yet, but those that are include water treatment and monitoring, energy technologies and materials, and waste and resources. To date, there are verification bodies in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Poland and the UK – with more to come!

Once in touch, they will ask you for the environmental claims you would like to have verified – such as the performance of a system to produce biogas – along with data on the technology’s environmental impact. The verification body will work with you to develop a plan for the verification, defining all the parameters that need to be verified and the data needed to do so. If needed, additional data can be collected by an external laboratory or testing facility.

The verification body analyses all the data, from your own measurements and any additional tests, and provides a verification report you can use in your marketing. Based on their assessment, the verification body will also make an ETV Statement of Verification certifying the improved performance or reduced environmental impact of your technology.

Finally, this certification is registered and published by the European Commission on the ETV website, where it provides a guarantee to your customers and can differentiate your product from your competitors. As a European programme, the Statement of Verification has the same value for the whole of the EU, bringing new opportunities to find new markets in other countries.

Under the pilot scheme, 44 technologies have already been certified, from companies in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain and Sweden, as well as outside the EU in Australia, the UK and US.  For more information, register for the ETV newsletter, where companies will be sharing their first-hand experience of the difference it has made to their businesses along with updates on upcoming events, new technology areas and other news.