International Activities

ETV is International 

Did you know that the ETV Programme also exists in other countries across the world? Although there are a few differences, all of the programmes are used as tools to provide third-party verification to environmental technologies. The EU ETV programme works alongside international standardisation to ensure a streamlining of the evolution of ETV worldwide and to facilitate international cooperation in support of transparent environmental verification and reporting.

The ISO Standard on ETV

On 8 February 2013, the International Standardization Organization (ISO) accepted to draft a new standard on Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) and Performance Evaluation. The objective was to provide the basis for mutual recognition of ETVverifications in future. The new standard was finalised and published in 2016 under the reference ISO 14034. It was accepted also as a CEN Standard and published in 2018 under the reference EN ISO 14034. The ISO 14034 Standard specifies principles, procedures and requirements for environmental technology verification (ETV).

ETV Programmes across the world