Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute (accreditation expired) (IOS-PIB)

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The Institute of Environmental Protection was established in 1986  and in 2010 was granted the status of the National Research Institute.

The Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (IOŚ -PIB) is a governmental institute in Warsaw, supervised by Ministry of the Environment. The Institute employs over 150 highly qualified specialists. The core of activity of the Institute is to conduct research and development works for the national economy in the field environmental protection, sustainable development,  climate change and R &D  for the rational use of the environment and its resources, including optimization of the spatial structure of protected areas.  In 2005 the Institute of Environmental Protection has been designated to play the role of the National Administration for the Emissions Trading Scheme.

IOŚ -PIB main research activities are as follows:

  • Development of the principles of Polish environmental policy and strategies
  • Industrial contaminated sites
  • Air protection
  • Climate protection
  • Noise and vibrations control and abatement
  • Conservation of landscape and nature
  • Protection of  land surface
  • Protection and renewal of water resources
  • Protection of the Baltic Sea and its coastal zone
  • Environmental impact assessments of substances, products and installations
  • Integrated environmental monitoring
  • LCA
  • Waste management
  • Accredited Laboratory and monitoring stations
  • Environmental Technologies Verifications under the EU ETV Pilot Programme (Energy Technologies and Materials, Waste & Resources).


IOŚ -PIB has three accredited Testing Laboratories:

Environmental Monitoring Laboratory

Laboratory of the Integrated Environmental Monitoring Station

Laboratory of the Environmental Acoustics Department

IOŚ -PIB cooperates with international and regional organisations working on matters relating to industrial accidents, air and water bodies pollution including relevant institutions of the EC, UNEP, OECD.

IOŚ -PIB has also successfully implemented a significant number of international projects in area of environmental protection under INTERREG IIIA&B, 6FP, 7FP, Civil Protection FI, TACIS, NOP and PNRF (AUSTAL2000; UNIDO/GEF; Implementation of work programme of UNECE Regional Coordinating Centre on Industrial Accident Training and Exercises in cooperation with EU, Germany, Switzerland and USA; SKEP; GEMS; ACCENT; CivilArch ; RiverShield and Leonardo da Vinci (currently two projects: “Towards a European qualification for Solid Waste Facilities’ Managers - SWFM-QF“ and “Developing an EU standardised approach to Vocational Qualications in Healthcare Waste Management“).

Institute implemented a number of national research projects in area of environmental and waste management (“Inorganic waste of chemical industry – technology foresight”, which was co-funded by the Operational Programme – Innovative Economy under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF)) and organises international - national conferences, seminars and workshops.

Institute also issues a scientific magazine entitled Environmental Protection and Natural Resources.

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ul. Krucza 5/11d
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